Sabco Professional: Making a sweeping impact on Australian commercial cleaning

Sabco Professional has fast become the trusted partner of Australia’s leading distributors and professional cleaning companies

It’s 6am at Sabco’s Melbourne warehouse, and the workday is already underway.

Like every other morning of the year, the team at Sabco Professional are getting ready to deliver high-performing products and high-value customer service to thousands of Australian clients across the commercial cleaning sector. 

Sabco has been a beloved Australian household name for generations. In fact, for more than 130 years the cleaning supply company has continued to meet the ever-changing needs of Australian consumers with a top notch, can’t-live-without product range – including professional grade mops and reusable microfibre cloths.

Sabco’s connection with Australian households is deep. Now, with the profile of Sabco Professional gaining momentum, so too is its relationship with Australian businesses.

Dependable and reliable, the commercial cleaning product supplier is now the trusted partner of Australia’s leading distributors and professional cleaning companies – contributing to their success in a highly competitive and demanding market.

So, what exactly makes Sabco Professional Australia’s emerging go-to supplier?

Its team understands the cleaning business – inside out. Staying connected with cleaners, business owners and distributers ensuring they offer and deliver a durable, effective, and valuable product range, and a transparent and simple client experience – saving clients time, money and a world of stress.

Sabco Professional works hard to operate in a manner that suits clients – catering to the needs of each individual business.

That means offering round-the-clock support, distributer-focused deal structures, price incentives and optimised delivery times.

Customer-centric service

For loyal clients, Sabco Professional offers a Platinum service that features personal, knowledgeable customer service representatives, future access to discounts and rebates, and invitations to company events and launches.

A lot of Sabco Professional’s stand-out customer service is thanks to its people.

“Our team is dedicated to their distributor service. We strive to deliver on time, in full, with very transparent pricing. If there are any issues, we’ll solve them straight away,” says Herman Verhofstadt, Sabco CEO.

With polished customer service, Sabco Professional is striving to form even stronger bonds with its clients.

“Sabco has a really lovely relationship with Australians,” says Emily Townsing, Sabco Marketing Director.

“We would love to build on that connection with our commercial clientele and achieve the same level of trust that Australians households have with the Sabco brand.”

To further that point, Sabco Professional is determined to increase the operational standard in the commercial cleaning sector.

For Sabco Professional, that means focusing on what matters to clients; seamless operations, continued innovation, sustainable product and practice, and ongoing support of the Australian job economy.

As two of Sabco’s key leaders, Herman and Emily share an enthusiasm for the company’s exciting future and the fascinating innovations that are set to carry them there.

“For us, it’s all about looking toward tomorrow and looking after our clients even better than we did yesterday,” explains Herman.   

“It’s about being the innovator and the excitement brand in the category,” Emily says.

In 2020, Sabco Professional undertook a huge change to its service.

To provide closer sales support and training to end-users and key distribution partners, the team welcomed new regional and national account managers and national commercial product managers.

Additionally, a new Sabco Professional catalogue launched in a more digestible format. It was very well received.

Leading this change is Sabco Professional Sales Director, Gerard Searl.

“We’re striving every single day to improve the experience our customers get from working with Sabco Professional,” Gerard explains.

This includes new innovations around streamlined ordering, credit options, and a dedicated Sabco Professional customer helpline.

A growing momentum for green

“Our clients are also making it very clear how important it is to them that we continue to develop products that are more sustainable,” Gerard adds.

And they’re right. There’s a growing and undeniable need for more sustainable commercial cleaning products that are less impactful on our environment. And so, Sabco Professional is actively looking for new ways to reduce its environmental impact.

In recent times, Sabco implemented a comprehensive sustainable development program.

This included the introduction of biodegradable materials made from natural fibres, and changes to packaging and shipping box size. Some exciting results include:

  • Saving 2,250 square meters of cardboard
  • Reducing Co2 emissions by 17.6 tonnes

Sabco has also nearly eradicated the use of polystyrene altogether, and the brand is in the final development stages of replacing single-use plastic bags with recyclable ones.

Changes to product and packaging, however, won’t mean changes to quality and value.

“We believe that profitability and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive,” Herman states.

Sabco Professional aims to maintain a range of sustainable products that offer the premium cleaning performance professional cleaners expect, with a gentler environmental impact. 

Understandably, Sabco Professional’s Australian business partners also care about feeding Australia’s job economy with local operations.

“Making more products here in Australia is really important to us,” states Gerard.

“We’ve discussed this with our customers, and they’re really excited about the direction we’re taking to bring more jobs, and manufacturing, back into the Australian market,” he continues.

So, what gets the Sabco Professional team out of bed for a crisp, 6am start? It’s simple. To make a sweeping impact on the way their clients purchase and receive Sabco Professional cleaning supplies – and how they then seamlessly integrate them into their business operations.

This first appeared in the July/August issue of INCLEAN magazine.

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