Clean more, faster with Agar

Boost your cleaning power by using the cleaning products with the best performance. Agar is renowned throughout the cleaning industry for their ultra-concentrated products packed full of quality ingredients.

Sabco UltraClean Microfiber Antibacterial Flat Mop Pads

Sabco UltraClean Microfiber Antibacterial Flat Mop Pads are one of the best product available for cleaning all surfaces ensuring a highly hygienic clean. With up to 500 machine washing cycles lifespan, it is also a cost-efficient solution.


Quality, protection and comfort matters when it comes to waterproof, professional cleaning wear.
Protect your valuable staff with the best quality, most comfortable and waterproof cleaning wear from ELKA PRO.

Power Without Limits

Makita continues to lead the charge in cordless technology providing more solutions for more industries & applications!


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