Robot revolution in the cleaning industry

Equipped with AI, autonomous robots step in to help with time-consuming tasks like cleaning floors, sharing insights along the way

Essential workers are required to devote lots of time and attention to ensure that environments are safe and healthy for others.

However, the cleaning sector faces numerous challenges, including escalating labor costs, a shortage of qualified staff, and increased cleaning requirements.

This formula has resulted in the adoption of automation technologies to transform various industries, and the cleaning sector is no exception.

Cleaning service contractors are increasingly turning to cleaning robots to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall cleaning operations.

However, the benefits extend beyond these immediate advantages. Companies are leveraging cleaning robots and the data they generate to foster labour sustainability, prioritise health and safety, and gain operational visibility.

One of the companies leading the way in this space is Brain Corp. Known for its automation platform, BrainOS®, Brain Corp has partnered with the world’s best cleaning manufacturers – Tenannt, Nilfisk and Hako – to create robotic solutions with the best autonomy, most robust cleaning intelligence and highest performing cleaning standards.

To date, Brain Corp and its partners have deployed more than 28,000 robots across the world and across industries, representing the largest fleet of its kind.

Labor sustainability

The integration of cleaning robots can contribute significantly to labor sustainability within the cleaning industry.

By automating repetitive and physically demanding tasks, companies can relieve their workforce of strenuous manual labour, reducing the risk of injury and long-term health issues. This translates into a healthier and more motivated workforce.

Furthermore, by utilising cleaning robots alongside human workers, contractors can optimize labor allocation.

Employees can be upskilled to focus on more complex and specialized cleaning tasks that require human touch and decision-making capabilities.

This not only enhances the overall quality of cleaning services but also leads to greater job satisfaction among employees, as they can engage in more fulfilling and intellectually stimulating work.

Health and safety

The use of cleaning robots brings substantial improvements to health and safety conditions for both workers and occupants of the spaces being cleaned.

Cleaning tasks often involve exposure to harsh chemicals and environments. By delegating these tasks to robots, contractors can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, chemical exposure, and work-related health issues.

Additionally, cleaning robots are equipped with advanced sensors and cameras that enable them to navigate spaces effectively and avoid obstacles.

This minimises the chances of slip-and-fall accidents and other incidents that could occur when human cleaners operate in cluttered or poorly lit areas.

Operational visibility

Cleaning robots generate vast amounts of data during their operations. This data can be leveraged to gain valuable insights and improve operational visibility for cleaning contractors.

By analysing the data, companies can identify patterns, optimise cleaning schedules, and make informed decisions to enhance efficiency and resource allocation.

Armed with this knowledge, contractors can adjust their cleaning schedules and deploy resources strategically, ensuring that cleaning tasks are performed when and where they are needed the most.

This intelligence can also be shared with customers to showcase work that has been completed. With maps that show where in a facility has been cleaned, when, and how many times, cleaning contractors can separate themselves from competition by proving their work to customers.

Is deployment hard?

Sophisticated technology doesn’t provide much value unless its intended users can easily deploy and operate it.

This is why, for example, BrainOS robots offer a remarkable ease of deployment, allowing for quick integration into cleaning operations.

In fact, the process typically takes less than a day, minimizing disruptions to existing workflows. This efficiency stems from BrainOS’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features.

The simple route teaching methods, Teach & Repeat and Area Fill, further contribute to the ease of deployment. With Teach & Repeat, a human operator drives the robot along the desired cleaning route, enabling the machine to memorise the path.

This information is then stored within the robot, serving as pre-programmed routes that can be easily accessed and executed when needed.

Area Fill empowers operators to clean the perimeter of a space, allowing the robot to autonomously fill in the remaining area. This approach eliminates the need for longer manual route programming, providing ongoing flexibility and adaptability in cleaning operations.

Let’s automate together

The integration of cleaning robots and the utilisation of data generated by these robots bring numerous benefits to the cleaning industry. In particular, cleaning contractors can leverage automation technology to enhance labour sustainability by relieving workers of physically demanding tasks and allowing them to focus on more specialised work.

Furthermore, cleaning robots significantly improve health and safety conditions by minimising accidents through advanced sensors and obstacle avoidance capabilities. Lastly, the data collected by cleaning robots empowers contractors with valuable insights to optimise cleaning operations and prove their work to their customers.

As the cleaning industry undergoes constant evolution, embracing technology as the cornerstone of operations becomes imperative.

Companies equipped with cutting-edge technological offerings are poised to provide exceptional customer experiences, gaining a competitive edge, and ensuring scalable growth for the future.

In the same way that many companies seek partnerships with established entities, cleaning contractors should actively consider aligning with the most proven automation companies to establish successful robotics programs. B

rain Corp, with its extensive deployment of cleaning robots surpassing any other company, emerges as the ideal automation partner for cleaning contractors.

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