Workplace Health & Safety Show returns to Melbourne

The Workplace Health & Safety Show returns to Melbourne this month and the cleaning industry is playing a central role.

As the saying goes, workplace health and safety is no accident. A lot of thought and preparation has gone into this year’s Workplace Health & Safety Show — Australia’s largest free-to-attend exhibition and conference dedicated to health and safety. 

Supported by the Australian Institute of Health & Safety, the event attracts thousands of professionals responsible for workforce wellbeing at Australia’s largest companies and worksites. It is set to be packed full of exhibits, live demos, seminars, workshops and networking opportunities.

This year’s show — which will run in Melbourne 22-23 May before a sister event in Sydney on 23-24 October — has a strong focus on safety in the construction industry, but those in the cleaning business will be well represented.

Cleanstar XPOWER will be exhibiting at the event and director Lisa Michalson says workplace safety and hygiene go hand-in-hand.

“Effective cleaning equipment and techniques can lower the risk of slips, trips, and falls by clearing contaminants, spills, and debris,” Michalson says. 

“Maintaining non-slip surfaces requires appropriate cleaning routine, equipment, and techniques, which is the focus of Cleanstar XPOWER.”

Cleaning well also has a big impact on employee wellbeing, she says.

“Keeping the workplace clean not only makes it safer, but it also makes it easier to get things done. Disorganisation and clutter make it hard for workers to concentrate and slows down production. By keeping the workplace clean and safe, businesses save money and protect employees and their assets.”

Mental health is another key focus for this year’s show. One of the organisers, Stephen Brackie, says the free two-day Workplace Wellbeing Summit reflects a growing awareness that businesses are more actively engaged in mental health measures as part of workplace safety.

“There’s an unmistakable shift towards prioritising mental wellbeing,” Brackie says.

“It’s now recognised as a crucial part of business strategy, because a happy and healthy workforce is more engaged and more productive.”

In terms of moving forward, the show is a great opportunity to showcase new developments in technology. From a hygiene perspective, this means a chance to build on an increased awareness, post-COVID, of the importance of good indoor air quality. Michalson says her company has seen a significant surge of interest in HEPA filters.

“By knowing the importance of employees’ wellbeing, companies have made serious investments in upgrading their purification systems to HEPA filters, which at the same time is part of their obligation to provide a safe working environment.

“Concerns about worker safety, recommendations from regulators and a recommitment to maintaining healthy workplaces have all contributed to a rise in the demand for HEPA filters and other indoor air quality solutions.”

Other products on show at the technology summit sessions include cutting-edge developments in cybersecurity, wearable tech and AI. Michalson says it’s simply good business to track the latest tech trends.

“Finding new product opportunities and better serving customers seeking innovative solutions can be achieved by keeping up with cutting-edge safety technology as a wholesaler.”

The show is also, Michalson says, a wonderful chance to get first-hand feedback, meet other professionals, discover business opportunities and keep ahead of the competition. She hopes to see an increased presence for the cleaning industry this year and in the future. There’s much to be learned — and even more to share.

“Cleaning methods and workplace safety are closely related, and the cleaning sector would do well to have a stronger representation at the event. Modern cleaning supplies, methods, and equipment, followed by industry-specific recommendations for optimal cleanliness and the significance of cleaning and hygiene in sustaining a safe and healthy workplace may be better understood by visitors from different industries if the cleaning industry were to increase its representation.”

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  1. Wow this lady is really making step forward in the industry. Looking forward to check their products on the fair and later on site!

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