Tennant’s compact scrubbers and vacuums deliver efficient cleaning in confined areas

Where space is limited, traditional cleaning methods often struggle to navigate tight corners and narrow passages effectively while delivering quality results. 

While the Tennant brand has long been recognised globally as a leader in industrial cleaning equipment, its line of commercial scrubbers and professional vacuums distinguishes itself by delivering a high level of quality and a productive clean for customers.


Small spaces, such as offices, clinics, and retail stores, are susceptible to the rapid spread of dirt, dust and grime due to close proximity and frequent interactions among individuals. 

Tennant’s CS5 and CS16 micro scrubbers are specifically engineered to excel in small spaces, ensuring thorough cleaning without sacrificing productivity. 

Their manoeuvrable designs and compact footprint allow them to navigate effortlessly around furniture, fixtures, and equipment, reaching areas that larger machines simply can’t access.

Tennant’s CS16 micro scrubber, featuring a 16.5L recovery or grey water tank is designed for any operator to use easily. 

Loaded with features like simple one-touch controls, a maintenance-free battery, disc brush or pad agitation option and eco-mode, operators can effortlessly navigate around obstacles, ensuring a comprehensive clean that extends to those hard-to-reach spaces.


In addition to scrubbers, Tennant’s range of dry canister and wet-dry combination vacuums are specifically engineered to address the unique challenges presented by cleaning different floor types.

Made in Italy, the V-CAN-12 and V-CAN-16 dry canister models are constructed with up to 55% recycled plastic and engineered to deliver powerful suction with multiple filtration levels. 

With H13 HEPA filtration available, Tennant’s vacuums capture fine particles, enhancing both surface cleanliness and indoor air quality.

Tennant’s Wet-Dry class of vacuums offer dual functionality by efficiently cleaning away dirt, whether dry or wet, and vacuuming liquid spills in applications such as office cleaning, schools, hotels and restaurants.

Available in 27-72L tank sizes with durable construction and equipped with strong high-speed motors, these vacuums can effortlessly eliminate small to large spills quickly.


Cleaning small spaces requires a tailored approach that takes into account their unique layout, foot traffic patterns, and specific cleaning needs of the floor type. 

Whether it’s a micro scrubber for scrubbing small spaces or a compact H13 HEPA dry canister vacuum for removing fine dust, Tennant has the solution to get the job done ensuring that cleanliness is never compromised, leaving you to focus on your business.

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