Reducing carbon emissions is critical

How Diversey is stepping up its commitment to reducing the impacts of climate change.

The race is on to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses emissions before it is too late.

Human-caused emissions have increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, are wreaking havoc on our planet, and driving us further into an irreversible climate calamity.

Diversey will build on our past progress to act on a net zero target and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to reducing the impacts of climate change.

Uncovering the imperative of net-zero carbon

Overall, net zero carbon encompasses the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as feasible, with remaining emissions being countered by carbon removal by the atmosphere, seas, forests, or carbon capture.

According to the UN Net Zero Coalition the Earth is around 1.1°C hotter than it was back in the late 1800s, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and emissions continue to climb.

To avert an irreversible climate disaster that might endanger the Earth and our society, emissions must be diminished by 45 per cent by 2030 and reach the net zero carbon threshold by 2050 to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

At Diversey, we have pledged to achieve net zero carbon emissions in our operations by the year 2050 as part of our new “Protect. Care. Sustain.” strategy, as was highlighted in our 2021 Sustainability Report.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we are outlining a series of progressive initiatives. We have engaged in renewable energy generation, deploying cost-effective and energy-efficient equipment, and reducing wasteful energy consumption. 

Science-based approach to net-zero CO2 emissions

Reaching net-zero carbon emissions requires a comprehensive, systems-based strategy, including the interplay of several domains, including the built environment, transportation, energy, manufacturing, and resources, as well as nature-based solutions and behaviour modification.

The concept of “net zero” is significant since this is the point at which the rate of global warming is halted, at least in terms of CO2 emissions.

In 2023, as we calculate our Science Based Target (SBT), we will also develop a comprehensive carbon strategy and expand our reporting capabilities.

Furthermore, we will also lay out the steps needed to reach our 2050 Net Zero objective. 

Overall, Diversey’s SBT must address all GHG emission levels: 

Scope 1: Fuel we burn in assets we own or control.

Scope 2: Electricity used in assets we own or control.

Scope 3: Emissions from all upstream and downstream action.

Save money and the environment with SmartDose

This creates an exciting opportunity for us to work across our extended supply chain to deliver low carbon solutions into our marketplace. 

One of our leading innovations in the race to reduce CO2 is our SmartDose range. A dosing platform for super concentrated daily cleaners and disinfectants without the need for a connected water supply.

Users can benefit from its sustainability credentials as one typical SmartDose bottle of concentrate (1.4L) equates to 280 ready to use (RTU) products.

If customers use an average of 100 cases of 6 x 750ml RTU product per year, the typical annual sustainability improvements are:

  • 441 litres less chemical manufactured, transported, stored and used (98.0 per cent reduction)
  • 41.2 kg less plastic packaging manufactured, transported, stored and disposed (97.8 per cent reduction)
  • 26.3 kg less cardboard packaging manufactured, transported, stored and disposed (97.8 per cent reduction)
  • 124.2kg less greenhouse gas emissions as CO2 equivalence due to packaging alone (98.5 per cent reduction)

SmartDose bottle

SmartDose bottles have been designed to make the mixing of concentrates simple and time efficient.

The bright yellow head has two dosage levels available (spray bottle or bucket) which are clearly marked allowing for concise mixing of solutions.

The process of using the pump action on the bottle is simple: select the dosage required by twisting the top to the relevant symbol, pull the top up, push it down and then add water.

At only 1.4L in weight, cleaners can easily carry throughout your site. Together with the reduction in bottle size (compared to a typical 5L) your facility will also benefit from a reduction in plastic waste.

Our comprehensive range includes cleaning solutions for bathroom, floor cleaner, multi surface cleaner, disinfectant cleaners, as well as sink dishwashing and sanitisers for kitchens.

If you have questions about any aspect of Diversey Australia’s hygiene programs, services or products visit our website at or call 1800 647 779 to speak to our friendly customer service to and find out more.