Industry Leaders Forum: Lucas Paris, Managing Director Australia, MotorScrubber

2024 will be a year of big step change for MotorScrubber Australia.

How was 2023 for MotorScrubber Australia?

2023 was another milestone year for the business globally and locally, MotorScrubber Australia had another record year growing well above expectations and almost tripling the total turnover of the local footprint. MotorScrubber Australia recently moved locations to larger office space to accommodate to the growing business and growing head count of the local subsidiary. SHOCK hit the market after three years of design and innovation, the feedback for this truly unique product has been amazing! SHOCK will take the Australian facilities market by storm; this truly unique cleaning innovation was presented at the 2023 ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Show and was one the true innovations of the show.                                    

What are MotorScrubber’s main priorities for 2024?

2024 will be a year of big step change for MotorScrubber Australia. Our footprint is well and truly established our distribution network is almost complete. We will be expanding into Oceania regions with MotorScrubber Australia being the business base for increased presence in these regions. MotorScrubber will also be launching another breakthrough innovation – DRYFT this will thrust the local and global business into a space that it hasn’t been before. This product will represent a shift in thinking for facility managers and with almost 10 global patents will be very hard for any competitor to challenge the brand in the detail cleaning space.

How will MotorScrubber Australia innovate to meet customers’ evolving needs and expectations?

MotorScrubber are the global detail cleaning experts we innovate and invest in cleaning tools and process that eliminate the risk of manual work in those hard-to-reach areas. The areas often overlooked by FM providers but not by the end customers themselves, we live through customer driven innovation providing solutions to ensure customers can easily identify, assess, and address the detail cleaning needs at their locations. We invest heavily in areas where some of the larger players see opportunities to claw back cost, our stock holding is robust, our ability to work quickly to customer needs is paramount. Our distributors are always endeavouring to be as well equipped to handle customer demand as possible, however, we understand that the market often is reactionary hence we ensure that our customers can get fast response times on all topics.

What will be the most significant opportunities in 2024? How can the industry leverage these?

AI has the potential to really disrupt the industry, in a positive or negative way depending on how it is used. The ability to ask simple question to platform, analyse millions of points of data and come up with suggestive courses of action is amazing technology. The industry could use this to ensure that right cleaning process is being used in the right location, the right equipment is being specified on tenders, the right chemical is being used on unique flooring types etc. Although the ability to rely on this type of technology could reduce the amount of free innovation made by the sector. The cleaning industry is driven highly by free thinking and problem solving, many stakeholders coming together to solve challenges faced in the plethora of locations and cleaning demands we face each day, if we relay to heavily on AI for the information, we could see a significant drop in this natural market innovation.  

What do you expect to be the big floorcare trends of 2024?

The ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Show in Melbourne was a sign that the trends in floorcare have an element of stagnation, oscillation technology is becoming more prevalent however this technology is hardly new and has been in the market for over 30 years. What was new though was our SHOCK machine that gives you the power and cleaning performance of oscillation in a detail risk free cleaning machine. There is a heightened awareness on risk mitigation and ease of use for cleaning experts, however many of the machines fall short due to the heavy nature of the product both in use and in transportation. We want to ensure that our cleaning teams can go about their day with lowest possible risk of injury, that is where SHOCK is leading the market in its ability to be used all day with no risk to the cleaning teams.

What is your leadership philosophy?

I embrace the fact that it is others around us that drive the success of the individual, we should cultivate and educate people in this industry who are keen to create legacies for themselves, the people around them and the industry. In the 15+ years I have been involved in the distribution of specialist cleaning products I am excited and invigorated most when people around me succeed, when we all win together, when we celebrate a win whether it is small or large. In a world that continuous growth is a key driver of business the personal aspects sometimes get lost, we manage people, we lead people and it’s these people that drive our success.

Do you have a message for the industry?

Continue to learn, continue to innovate, and continue to change the way we do things. Embrace change, embrace new technologies, create your own technologies, try something new, lets embrace failure as it something that is necessary to excel. So often in our world we see me too innovation or business won on price rather than creating true benefit to customer let us all strive to try to do things differently, you never know what may evolve from the process. We as an industry keep our hospitals open, our aged care facilities clean, food on our tables – let’s never forget that! 

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