Industry Leaders Forum: Joe Camilleri, Managing Director, Central Cleaning Supplies

We have a lot of exciting plans in the pipeline for 2024, with many new products currently in development. However, top of mind for us is our focus on sustainability and our social responsibility as a business.

How was 2023 for Central?

2023 was another hugely successful year for Central Cleaning Supplies. Off the back of a strong 2022, we reported another year of revenue growth in 2023. We also continued to expand our product range from leading local and international brands, such as LionsBot, Camill, and Willmop, and secured major contracts across the country in key sectors including retail, education, and mining.

One of the highlights was the expansion of the LionsBot range. There are now more than 250 LionsBot robots in operation across the country. In 2023, we introduced the latest LionsBot machines including the R12 Rex CS, R3 Vac, R3 Scrub Pro and the MagicTag. The R12 Rex CS, R3 Vac, R3 Scrub Pro are professional-grade vacuuming and scrubbing robots, while the MagicTag enables the R3 machines to become ‘Zero Click’.

Our fleet of Camill electric utility vehicles also performed very strongly in 2023. We’ve added a large range of new models and Camill electric utility vehicles were deployed at major events including the Grand Prix and the Australian Open.

Camill vehicles are designed with the user in mind and a key point of difference with our fleet is the customisation we can offer our customers. Camill vehicles can be custom branded and fitted with tailored configurations and add-ons such as additional carpet cleaning equipment and pressure washers.

The vehicles are available in a variety of seating capacity, as well as optional lithium battery to extend the vehicle’s run time. We have more innovations coming out within the Camill range of electric utility vehicles in 2024, so watch this space!

What are the company’s main priorities for 2024?

We have a lot of exciting plans in the pipeline for 2024, with many new products currently in development. However, top of mind for us is our focus on sustainability and our social responsibility as a business. It’s important for us to align ourselves with organisations that share similar company values. We recently acquired an Indigenous cleaning supplies company and we are thrilled to be working alongside them in 2024.

This organisation aims to deliver environmentally sustainable cleaning supplies as well as close a loop between education and the employment of Indigenous youth and we are very proud to be partnering with this company to facilitate further opportunities for Indigenous Australians. We will be sharing more about this partnership with the market in early 2024.

At Central, we believe sustainability isn’t a success until it supports and adds value to your business. We ensure that our environmental responsibility remains at the core of our business approach, which is why we will also be expanding our range of sustainable and environmentally friendly products in 2024.

We will also be opening new showrooms and distribution centres in 2024. It’s important to us that our customers have access to the latest products wherever they are located and our national network of sites ensures we provide greater coverage, convenience and service to all customers.

What do you see as the most significant opportunities and challenges in the cleaning industry? How can the industry leverage or address these?

While we might be living ‘post-pandemic’ it doesn’t mean that we should take our eye off the ball when it comes to cleaning and hygiene standards. Maintaining a high standard of clean is just as important as ever and we need to ensure that we continue to promote the value and importance of the cleaning industry.

We are seeing greater adoption of automation and robotics in Australia and there’s a lot of talk about the use of Artificial Intelligence and how it can be implemented in the cleaning industry. Being able to verify and validate cleaning coverage has become a strategic part of business and autonomous machines are able to offer a data-driven solution for this demand from customers, however, there’s no point implementing this type of technology if users don’t understand it.

New technology should not be implemented for technology’s sake, therefore it’s important to choose the right partner that will provide ongoing education, training, support, and maintenance.

Many suppliers have a ‘set and forget’ attitude when it comes to new equipment and technology, but at Central we’re very proud of the level of after-sales training, service and support that we give to our customers.

Are there any key sustainability commitments/targets Central has made for 2024?

Sustainability will be a key focus for us in 2024. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and are wanting to align themselves with brands that share similar values and beliefs. Not only that, but consumers are seeking transparency from the brands they buy from and our customers are also expecting that same level of disclosure.

In 2023, we partnered with several leading sustainable brands, which has been a great success. In 2024, we will be continuing to look for opportunities with brands that share our commitment to sustainable practices.

In 2024 our focus as a business will be not only on expanding our environment friendly ranges, but also finding sustainable alternatives to traditional materials.

Last year, we launched our first 100 per cent recycled plastic janitorial cart.

We have also released a range of bamboo-based products. Bamboo boasts a remarkably low environmental impact, reducing reliance on materials with higher environmental footprints.

We believe that embracing more sustainable materials such as recycled plastic and bamboo can lead us towards a more sustainable future, where responsible material choices contribute to a healthier planet.

While we continue to grow as a business, it’s vital for us to never lose focus on client delivery and the high level of service that our customers have come to expect from us. It can be a common pitfall of businesses to forget the basics of customers service and our level of service and support is something we are incredibly proud of at Central. As an industry, we also should not undervalue what we do. We need to continue to reinforce the value of clean and the vital role that the cleaning industry plays in everyone’s lives every day.

We have a lot of exciting plans in the pipeline for 2024, with many new products currently in development. However, top of mind for us is our focus on sustainability and our social responsibility as a business.

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  1. The contribution to the cleaning industry that Joe Camilleri has brought is enormous. I recall in the early 1980s Joe opened his fledging business in Melbourne. Throughout the years he has been active in innovation & bringing the best solutions to today’s cleaning demands. Continued growth has seen expansion of Central Cleaning Supplies nation wide. Keep driving Joe.. john Ford

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