Leaders Forum: Joe Camilleri, Central Cleaning Supplies

Industry leaders share their plans and predictions on the year ahead.

How was 2019 for Central Cleaning Supplies? What were the highlights? What were the challenges?

2019 has been a busy and successful year for our team, as our continual expansion and business strategy plan is helping us to push the boundaries within our industry and successful growth throughout our current customer base and new customers we have acquired across the country.

We opened two new sites; St Peters, Sydney and Dandenong, Melbourne. We have organically grown through the growth of our customers expansion, new customers and corporates that we have won and acquired new business and a year full of new customer roll outs that has kept us extremely busy.

Our investments with our new innovative product launches has also had a big part with our team and customers during 2019. Reinvesting in the business and our staff is always a key focus within our organisation

Every day in business is a challenge. Every day you will always face something that needs attention and an action plan for growth and to success.

What will be the immediate focus for Central Cleaning Supplies in 2020?

We have some new initiatives that we will launch to the public soon that will continue to provide efficiencies and better cleaning for our industry, current customers and new upcoming customers. We have some new locations that we will open first up in 2020

Do you expect the Central Cleaning Supplies’ store network to continue to grow in 2020?

Yes, 100 per cent. We are expanding shortly in Queensland and Western Australia so that our full network across the country is complete. A business must continue to grow and evolve.

What challenges and opportunities do you see for Central Cleaning Supplies looking ahead to 2020?

Growth in business is always a challenge, as you need to cater and plan for growth, while operating your normal daily business, but it creates many opportunities.

What do you expect will be the big trends of 2020?

Technology is the key to the future. Everything is achievable through technology. Various aspects of technology will play a big part in 2020. Keep in mind that there are many variables when it comes to technology.

Our industry world-wide is evolving through the investments and efficiencies made through innovation and technology and this will no doubt continue through the years.

Are there any international trends that you think will make their way to Australia in 2020?

Many. I feel Australia has much to do in catching up within our industry with what our fellow industry companies are doing at the moment in their countries. This is why we have taken an initiative to the advancements within our industry though new innovations in battery operated technology, social welfare, training schools, community awareness, an increase in green cleaning, media, telemetry, robotics plus more.

Today we are taking the steps to plan and execute the new advancements in our company that is needed in our industry. Customers need a difference.

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