Conquest Hire – The Ultimate in Flexibility

Long-term investment in specific cleaning equipment is not always the right business decision.

Conquest Equipment is on a mission, to offer customers the flexibility they need, determined by individual business circumstances.

Andrew Dillon, Sydney-based Key Account Manager at Conquest, says the ability to hire equipment from as little as one day or for as long as required gives busines the opportunity the scale their fleet as required. “Many industries are seeking flexibility- we’ve seen over the last few years that things can change rapidly and the freedom to scale with the needs of the business is really important. Hiring allows you to bring in specialist equipment to respond to specific situations without committing to a much larger financial investment.”

Responding to the current changing climate and customer feedback, Conquest Hire increased their range to include a number of new specialist machines. These machines each fill a distinct gap within the market determined by the requirements of clients.

Hot water pressure cleaners were added to the hire fleet earlier this year, and provide a deeper clean than alternative options, especially popular for outside areas; carparking, footpaths and building walls.

Zero-emission outdoor maintenance machines have been added to the Conquest Hire fleet in recognition of business’ wishing to reduce their carbon footprint. The EcoMax pavement sweeper delivers up to eight hours of continuous operation on a single charge, covering 5000sqm per hour. The EcoVac is another eco-friendly addition which provides contact-free collection of waste and debris “The EcoVac machine is operated by one person and has up to 18 hours of continuous run-time, the equivalent of five manual labour operators.”

So during this busy holiday period, when retail, commercial and public spaces are becoming busy and lively again – give Conquest Hire a call today and discuss scaling your cleaning requirements with flexibility.

Conquest is behind you all the way. 

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