Sabco launches EnviroPlastic Waste Solutions with 98 percent recycled plastic

A sustainable solution for waste management made of 98 percent recycled plastics, featuring the Recycling Station and the 45 and 68-litre garbage bins.

Sabco Professional is proud to announce the launch of its latest environmentally conscious brand, EnviroPlastic Waste Solutions. 

With a commitment to sustainability, this brand introduces two innovative products made of 98 percent recycled plastic, aimed at revolutionising waste management while reducing environmental impact.

The hallmark product in the EnviroPlastic Waste Solutions range is the Recycling Station, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline recycling efforts. 

Featuring four 60-litre bins with distinct coloured lids and labels aligned with Australia’s recycling guidelines, this station enables efficient sorting of recyclable materials. It encourages environmentally responsible practices within hospitals, offices, and public spaces.

In addition to the Recycling Station, EnviroPlastic Waste Solutions offers two garbage bins with lids, each of them 45 and 68 litres respectively. These bins, also made from 98% recycled plastics, are crafted to be both durable and sustainable. Their robust design ensures longevity, providing a reliable solution for waste disposal while minimising environmental impact.

What sets EnviroPlastic apart is its dedication to sustainability without compromising functionality. These products exemplify Sabco Professional’s commitment to offering versatile yet durable solutions for waste management.

By utilising recycled materials, EnviroPlastic not only reduces plastic waste but also promotes a circular economy, where resources are reused and repurposed to minimise environmental harm.

These groundbreaking products mark just the beginning of EnviroPlastic’s journey. By prioritising sustainability, we aim to empower individuals and businesses to make environmentally conscious choices while contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Experience the difference with EnviroPlastic Waste Solutions. After all, Sabco Professional is How Australia Cleans.

[This article is sponsored by Sabco Professional]

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