Procell Lithium Coins

Supporting Your Maintenance Needs It’s critical for your employees to focus on the maintenance of various facilities be it commercial, educational or residential. Procell’s long lasting batteries help to power the profitability of your business. By minimizing the time and costs spent on battery replacements, your staff can focus on the other key maintenance operations. […]

Fast, effective washroom cleaning

i-spraywash is a new and easy to use tablet based foam cleaning system that improves hygiene and reduces time spent cleaning washrooms and kitchens.

Do you have the S-Factor?

The 2018 InClean Innovation award winner, erGO! Clean is an ergonomic floor cleaning system that is: Speedy, Strain-Free, Smart, and Safe. A system so good you’ll be singing its praises!

Clean your Escalator in minutes!

Keep your Escalators gleaming clean at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time with EscaTEQ’s new range of Escalator Cleaning Tools.

Your Brand On Our Products.

We print your brand on our products for free. Branding is a great way to either stay ‘top-of-mind’ with your customers or to make your products more attractive for sale.


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