Quiet, Effective & Emission-Free Street Sweeping

The world’s first battery powered street sweeper, the Conquest EcoSweep360 is the smart, effective and environmentally-friendly street sweeping solution.

The revolutionary Conquest EcoSweep360 is the world’s first completely battery powered suction street sweeper. Combining advanced technology, futuristic design and environmentally friendly features this industrial sweeper is a complete sweeping solution overcoming the limitations of traditional diesel sweepers.

In an environmentally conscious world, the EcoSweep360 provides a green, ecofriendly alternative for street sweeping.  Unlike traditional street sweepers the EcoSweep360 is 100% battery powered, meaning that there are zero toxic emissions released into the atmosphere. The electric power system operates at an incredibly low noise level permitting this machine to be operated in in public spaces without disturbing those around or risk impacting on their health and safety. This also applies to the operator, who is no longer at risk of breathing in harmful fumes during operation or adversely effected by continuous loud noise.

Together with zero emissions and virtually silent operation, the clever compact design and high manoeuvrability make the EcoSweep360 ideal for a range of different environments. In car parks, corporate settings, parks or public spaces the Conquest EcoSweep360 can deliver a comprehensive clean.

Boasting up to 8 hours of continuous sweeping the Conquest EcoSweep360 street sweeper uses powerful motors to tackle rough, uneven ground and is able to cruise up inclines of up to 30%.

Unbeatable in performance, reliable and simple to operate, the Conquest EcoSweep360 is also customisable. With extra features such as, front and rear cameras for added safety and accuracy and side doors to protect operators from the elements on those outdoor assignments.

Go green and discover how Conquest can provide your company with the clever way to clean. Call 1800 826 789 or visit https://www.conquestequipment.com.au/offers/free-onsite-assessment/ to arrange a free onsite demonstration on your commercial hard floor surfaces.

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