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Drop the mop and get a better level of clean with Tennant’s CS5 & CS16 compact floor Scrubbers. Ergonomic, affordable and effective, Tennant’s commercial range of floor care solutions help improve hygiene practices and sets a new standard of clean.

 Tennant’s commercial Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers not only redefines the way we approach hygiene across industries, but also solves the hurdles that have long plagued traditional mopping techniques. With both performance and convenience, Tennant’s CS5 and CS16 delivers a new clean for business owners. 

One of the most overlooked concerns with mops and buckets is the potential for cross-contamination. As a mop moves from one area to another, it inadvertently spreads dirt and germs, potentially compromising the health and safety of staff and customers. Tennant’s CS5 and CS16 tackle this issue head-on with separate solution and recovery tanks operating during cleaning. Furthermore, the scrubbing mechanism efficiently collects and traps contaminants, preventing their redistribution to ensure a higher level of cleanness. 

Tennant’s smallest micro scrubber the CS5 (5L capacity) eliminates the inconsistencies of traditional mopping with its two-squeegee design that allows it to clean in both a forward and backward motion. Not only does it boost efficiency and deliver a precise clean, but the CS5 and CS16 can efficiently scrub intricate patterns, grout lines, and uneven floors, where traditional mopping often falls short. 

The health and safety of operators are a top priority for Tennant and for that reason, the CS5 & CS16 have improved the ergonomics throughout its design and function which puts the strain of motion on the machine, not the operator. The larger CS16 (16.5L capacity) allows operators to navigate effortlessly around obstacles with its motorized brush or pad (available) agitation, ensuring a comprehensive clean that extends those hard-to-reach areas, And Tennant’s efficient water recovery system helps reduce the risk of slip and fall hazards, leaving you with a safer, drier, and most importantly, clean floor. 

Tennant’s Walk Behind Scrubbers not only transforms the way we clean, but also raises the bar for hygiene practices and sets a new standard of cleaning across industries. 

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