Clean up your wheelie bins!

Agar’s Wheelie Bin Cleaner has been specifically formulated for cleaning, sanitising and deodorising plastic wheelie bins. It is supplied as a concentrate for greater economy and reduced transportation.

Anyone who disposes of rubbish has seen how quickly plastic wheelie bins can become dirty and smelly, and a breeding ground for micro-organisms. Anything from leaking coffee dregs, food scraps and even ink can leave spillage down the sides of the bin or puddling in the base of the bin.

Agar’s Wheelie Bin Cleaner has been formulated to tackle heavily soiled wheelie bins head-on with a fast-acting three-way action combining a powerful detergent, effective sanitiser and lingering deodoriser. The ingredients in this product have been selected to quickly attack sticky soils and emulsify fats, knock out the germs and deodorise the bins with a fresh perfume. Wheelie Bin Cleaner will remove a wide variety of soils including foodstuffs, drinks, dirt and garbage from plastic, galvanised and steel bins, hoppers and dumpsters.

With its effective 3-in-1 cleaning/sanitising/deodorising action, Wheelie Bin Cleaner is exceptionally versatile and can be used on all washable hard surfaces with brilliant clean and hygienic results!
Wheelie Bin Cleaner uses non-toxic ingredients and biodegradable surfactants.

For more information or a free sample, please contact Agar Cleaning Systems or find a distributor at or call 1800 301 302.

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