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Fluids can be spilled, which is not only inconvenient but also has safety and hygiene risks.

Fluids can be spilled, which is not only inconvenient but also has safety and hygiene risks. People can slip, the liquid is spread as people walk through it and in case of a body fluid, we are facing the risk of (cross) contamination. That is not what you want because it can have serious consequences. Therefore, a sufficient solution is needed.

What is a sufficient solution?

Asking cleaning and IPC (infection prevention & control) professionals the feedback was that a solution must be hygienically safe, convenient to use, efficient and having a good cost-benefit ratio. The solution must be suitable for different types of fluids and having a superior absorption capacity.

Baring that in mind, R&D engineers of Vileda Professional | Oates started to develop a solution and came up with the innovative SpillEx absorption mat

Does SpillEx do what it should do?

Yes, it does. Tests in long term care facilities and hospitals showed that the product is able to absorb (body)fluids in a safe and convenient way. Absorption can be up to 500 times of the weight, 50-60 times of the volume of the absorbing medium. The absorbing medium turns the (body)fluid into a solid gel. Because of this transformation process the fluid will not drip on the surface when you pick up the mat to throw it away in the (medical) trash bin. The PE foil on top side of the mat functions as a liquid barrier to prevent that you get in touch with the liquid. Absorption capacity depends on the type of fluid and is up to a maximum with water-based fluids.

I prefer mopping up, it’s cheaper.

That is a misunderstanding. Calculate how much it costs to empty the bucket, clean the bucket, rinse the dirty mop, re-fill the bucket with clean water and a detergent and in case of a body fluid, dry the equipment and disinfect. Common sense will tell you that mopping up is not cheaper and very tricky in case of body fluids.

 Calculation will prove it. It is cheaper, much more hygienic, and safer to absorb the fluid with a high-quality disposable mat and afterwards remove the remaining spot with a damp wet disposable mop or wipe.

Is it only for healthcare?

No, absolutely not. Cleaners have SpillEx absorption mats as an emergency kit on their trolleys to be able to solve “accidents” quick and safe. Like a cup of coffee that felt on the floor or a glass of soft drink. I have also seen the product being used when de-icing a refrigerator or as a spillage absorbing mat when pouring fluids into bottles.

There are many applications already and more to think of. Send us an e-mail with photo if you used SpillEx for an additional application.

We will love it.

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