Welcome to the Lithium-ion age

RELiON lithium-ion floor machine batteries are the green energy source of the future offering Longer life span


Why should you switch from lead acid to Lithium-ion Batteries?

FAQs On RELION Lithium-ion Technology

What’s the weight difference between lithium-ion batteries and lead acid batteries? Typically, lithium-ion batteries are about a quarter of the weight of lead acid batteries. What does this mean for your lithium-ion battery applications? You aren’t weighed down by heavy lead acid batteries, allowing your floor machines to run at higher efficiency.
How long do lithium-ion batteries last? Lithium-ion battery life lasts from 6 to 10 times longer than that of a lead acid alternative. Even when charging and draining lithium-ion batteries once each day, lithium-ion technology offers more up to 12 or more years of life, while the competition lasts less than two years.

Are RELiON lithium-ion batteries safe? Lithium-ion batteries are both durable and safe for use in all floor scrubbers & sweepers. Built-in safety features prevent your battery from overheating by shutting it down when temperatures rise too high.
Is charging lithium-ion batteries time-consuming? Lithium-ion technology offers 100 percent charging efficiency, drastically reducing the amount of time you must wait for your battery to charge. Lithium receives a full charge in a fraction of the time.
How does lithium’s shelf life compare to that of lead acid? Lithium maintains most of its usable capacity even if you store it without charging for a year. For optimal protection, experts recommend storing lithium-ion batteries at 50 percent depth of discharge (DOD).

How much maintenance do lithium-ion batteries require? The short answer is virtually none. However, extreme temperatures may damage your battery, and you should take care to charge it at the right voltage. 14.6 V is the recommended charging voltage.
Do lithium batteries lose power as they discharge? Lithium-ion technology maintains consistent power up until it’s completely drained. That means your lithium-ion battery applications won’t slow down throughout the day.

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