Tennant secures national contract with Tradeflex

The partnership is the latest in a long-standing relationship between the two organisations.

Tennant Company has secured a national contract with Tradeflex Services Group to provide commercial and industrial cleaning equipment for the company, whose business stretches across hundreds of sites of varying sizes Australia-wide.

The partnership is the latest in a long-standing relationship between the two organisations.

“Tennant Company and Tradeflex have been working together for almost 20 years so we are very pleased to have them on board for this substantial national contract,” says John Borg, Tradeflex managing director.

“Our businesses have grown side by side over that time. Our respective offerings complement each other extremely well and our organisations share a number of uncompromising core values. One of those is unwavering reliability. Our customers need to know they can fully count on us to deliver as promised.

“We demand maximum uptime for any equipment we deploy on our clients’ sites,” added Borg. “And if anything does need attention, it has to be without delay. This was an important determining factor in our selection of Tennant.”

Tennant’s national sales manager for Australia and New Zealand, Adam Esho, explained on-point servicing and maintenance is all part of the company culture.

“Tradeflex is a key partner for Tennant Australia and we’re very proud of our shared values. Our entire positioning is based on performance and dependability,” he said.

“Our equipment goes into some of the most challenging industrial environments and performs beyond expectation, day in and day out. Servicing is key to uninterrupted performance. Our onsite service and maintenance program, TennantTrue is genuinely the gold standard. All our field technicians are company-trained. They carry parts required on board and not only do they know how to repair or service every single one of our machines, they know how to operate them too. There’s simply no room for equipment downtime.”

Tennant Australia will provide the following products:

  • Model 800 Sweepers
  • Model S30XP Sweepers
  • Model S20 Sweepers
  • Model M20/M30 Scrubber/Sweepers
  • Model 6200 Sweepers
  • Model T16 Scrubbers
  • Model T17 Scrubbers
  • Model T20 Scrubbers
  • Model 5700XP Scrubbers
  • Model T300 Scrubbers


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