Part 6A amendment will hit vulnerable workers, says BSCNZ

Patrick Lee-Lo, president of Building Service Contractors of New Zealand (BSCNZ), has warned that cleaning industry workers will be more vulnerable following recommended changes to Part 6A of the Employment Relations Act. ‘A select committee has recommended that amendments to the act be passed including a change exempting small companies employing fewer than 20 employees […]

BSC NZ “disappointed” with planned Part 6A amendments

Although the association has strongly lobbied for it to be revised, Building Services Contractors New Zealand (BSC NZ) has described planned changes to Part 6A of the Employment Relations Act as “disappointing” and likely to make cleaning workers even more vulnerable.. ‘Part 6A aims to prevent groups of low paid workers from being replaced by cheaper contractors or […]

BSC NZ distances itself from ‘Vulnerable Minister’ website

BSC NZ president Patrick Lee-Lo The Building Services Contractors of New Zealand (BSC NZ) has released a statement that it is distancing itself from a website and ‘tongue-in-cheek’ campaign launched by Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd (a non-member) that ‘pokes fun at Minister of Labour Kate Wilkinson’. ‘The ‘Vulnerable Minister’ website has been launched by the NZ-based cleaning company in an effort to […]


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