Rostering, scheduling and payroll in one solution

TemplaCMS and Timegate integrate seamlessly with each other, allowing for data flow between contract management and workforce management to streamline the payroll process.

TEAM Software by WorkWave designs solutions for the cleaning industry. Our software arrives integrated straight out of the box, so you don’t have to spend hours transferring data from one system to another. With TEAM Software, the information is accurate, and everyone at your company can work from the same truth.

TemplaCMS is a Contract management solution with integrated Finance and Payroll. This software holds all of your information pertaining to Contracts, Sites, Budgets, Stock, Periodicals, Rosters, Staff Assignments and Invoicing.

Timegate is a Workforce Management Solution that streamlines your Payroll process and ensures you are in compliance with contracted attendance levels. Easily manage rosters, fill open shifts, approve exceptions and get alerts when things don’t go to plan.

As an integrated solution, information entered into TemplaCMS is automatically mirrored in Timegate, without the need for manual entry or integration fixes that are prone to errors. This means you don’t have to maintain this information in two or three places, and that saves your business valuable time and energy.

As staff clock in and out with Timegate, their hours are verified against their rosters (which come from TemplaCMS), and that information is automatically sent to Payroll if it is within variance. Any exceptions that fall outside of tolerance are retained in Timegate and sent to Area Managers for approval or rejection. Once approved, these hours are again sent to Payroll for processing.

It’s not uncommon for cleaning companies to have two or three separate systems that perform these same tasks. In most cases, they aren’t integrated and a lot of manual work is required to get them to work together. This inevitably leads to errors.

TemplaCMS and Timegate work together to meet the unique challenges of running a labour-intensive cleaning business because a centralised database that offers one version of the truth can power a company into the future.

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