New – Diversey Care’s complete carpet care solution

Newly launched TASKI® Tapi carpet care range and TASKI ® procarpet 45 machine offers contractors a complete carpet care solution of products and machine.

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The labour saving combination of TASKI ® Tapi carpet care range and TASKI® procarpet 45 machine will deliver improved productivity and profits for cleaning contractors.

Offering leading edge formulations, the comprehensive TASKI® Tapi carpet care range is complemented with the TASKI® procarpet 45, a machine that delivers both encapsulation and deep extraction capabilities.
_T2C9197 griff montageThe TASKI ® Tapi carpet care range comprise of a  Shampoo, Extraction, Spotter, Defoamer and Gum remover for  intermediate and deep extraction cleaning  of carpets and upholstery.

The range contains Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) for effective malodour neutralisation and long lasting fresh fragrance. WoolSafe approved and independently tested to remove dust mite and cat allergens in carpets+ the TASKI®Tapi range will ensure clean, fresh and hygienic carpets._T2C9407The TASKI® procarpet 45 is a unique 2 in 1 carpet cleaning machine that delivers both interim encapsulation and deep extraction capabilities through a simple switch of a button, depending on the cleaning application required. This removes the need for contractors to purchase separate machines. The machine is simple to use, promotes productivity while delivering excellent performance and results. The machine has a 45L tank and 45cm working width to cover larger areas efficiently while the double suction nozzle ensures faster drying times – resulting in improved productivity and profits.

Noise levels of less than 70dB(A) means the machine is quiet enough for  daytime cleaning tasks.Taski_Tapi_Group_procarpet_midAccessories include a carpet wand and hose to access hard-to-reach areas, hand tool for upholstery cleaning and brushes for encapsulation or extraction cleaning.

For more information or for a free demo, contact Diversey Care AU: 1800 647 779, NZ: 0800 803 615                                                            

+Conducted by the BMA Laboratory for Biological Medical Analysis, Bochum, Germany, 19 December 2005.


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