High Pressure? You can rely on Nilfisk

Check out Nilfisk Australia’s professional range of high pressure washers. Across our range of mobile electrical machines – from compact models to high end industrial systems – the Nilfisk machines are guaranteed to deliver professional results, every time.

Nilfisk offers cold water high-pressure washers to meet your every need

Meet the MC 2C the compact and lightweight unit perfect for tradesmen and use around small sites. They are the ideal entry level commercial units. Whilst the MC 4 is a robust, mid-range industrial cold water cleaner ideal for more intense use in most environments. Compact and ergonomic, both models can be easily transported from site to site. The compact cold water line combines high perfor­mance levels for increased cleaning efficiency, ergonomics and durability for superior everyday cleaning.

The generation of industrial cold water pressure washers MC 5M, 6P & 7P has been developed to meet – and even exceed – your requirements for some of the most demanding and toughest applications. This range is well equipped for long term use in even the toughest environments and they will be long lasting, cost effective partners for all your cleaning tasks.

High Pressure Washers with Hot Benefits

The MH series is equipped with our industrial pumps with 3-4 ceramic pistons and 4 pole motor. With the EcoPower™ boiler they offer best in class efficient performance levels for general hot water cleaning, these machines are ideal for all hot water commercial and industrial cleaning tasks. Service and maintenance can be carried out quickly, as all vital parts are easy to access and inspect. Also, the diagnostics function panel will give maintenance warnings to minimise any downtime.

The MH series ensures high mobility and easy transport across a wide variety of surface types thanks to the 4 large wheels and great balance.

Furthermore, the flow activated control system im­proves user comfort and handling as well as overall machine reliability.

Overall these innovative hot water pressure washer units deliver superior cleaning results, higher efficiency, reduced emissions and lower consumption

Contact a Nilfisk Professional today, to find out more on our high-pressure washer range.

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