Escalate your power scrubbing

Find out how you can conquer challenging floors with the versatile Conquest Rotowash. Powerful, efficient cleaning for tiles and grout, carpet, stone, and even escalators!

The secret to achieving superior cleaning results is having the right equipment on hand. If you are plagued by stubborn dirt stuck in textured floor surfaces, the Conquest Rotowash may be the answer.

The Conquest Rotowash delivers a powerful clean that leaves your floor sparkling and protects the surface from premature damage. Innovative counter-rotating brushes scrub deep into grout and through the fibres of your carpet to loosen and remove stubborn dirt. The result? A thorough clean that lasts.


Conquest Rotowash also takes the pain out of cleaning your escalators. Nylon bristles reach down into escalator grooves, stripping away grime and returning your escalator to a sleek polished finish. Simply use the Conquest Rotowash over your escalator as you would any other flat surface—it’s that easy!

Every aspect of the Conquest Rotowash is cleverly designed to minimise unnecessary manual labour and increase efficiency. Models are available in various widths, designed to fit through doorways and narrow halls. The Conquest Rotowash is easy to transport, and hooks securely on to the purpose-built wheeled trolley in seconds.

The solution recovery system reduces hazards and increases hygiene by drawing dirty water back into a dedicated recovery tank. This allows floors to dry faster after cleaning, minimising the chance of slip hazards from standing water.

Fresh solution is deposited throughout the cleaning cycle, maintaining a high level of cleaning at all times. Once dirt is loosened and captured by the solution recovery system, it’s off the floor for good!

Better still, the Conquest Rotowash is suited to a wide variety of floor surfaces. If you’re looking for a machine that makes easy work of your stone, tile, carpet, flotex, timber, or vinyl surfaces, the Conquest Rotowash is a must-have solution.


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