Deliver a higher level of clean with Rubbermaid HYGEN ™ Microfibre

HYGEN™ Microfibre offers superior cleaning with built-in scrubbers and high-quality stitching to retain shape and provide added durability. It is proven to remove 99.99% of all common tested viruses with water only.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products HYGEN™ Microfibre stands as a pinnacle in science-based design, offering evidence-based features for an exceptionally effective and durable cleaning solution. Constructed from premium polymers, HYGEN™ undergoes rigorous competitor testing, proving to remove 99.99% of all common tested viruses. The unique 16-split design maximises surface area, ensuring optimal microbe and particle removal, while its industry-leading backing design ensures high durability. 

Beyond efficacy, Rubbermaid’s microfibre plays a crucial role in infection prevention and environmental sustainability. Capable of eradicating 99.99% of microbes with water alone, this product not only removes dirt and grime but also reduces the spread of infections. Comprising polyester and polyamide, it excels in both bacteria eradication and grime 

removal. The colour-coded options for each area helps reduce contamination. Moreover, it contributes to sustainability by conserving water and reducing waste in diverse spaces, from hospitals to commercial buildings. 

The importance of sustainable cleaning practices is underscored, emphasising the health benefits for cleaning staff and the environment. HYGEN™ Launderable Microfibre endures up to 500 washes,

significantly reducing waste and an organisation’s carbon footprint. 

Water conservation becomes a focal point, not just for environmental concerns but also for cost-effectiveness. Rubbermaid Commercial Products tackle this issue by minimising water usage through efficient cleaning methods, contrasted with traditional products that demand excessive water replacement. 97% reduction in chemical and water usage seen in a long-


term care facility after implementing the HYGEN™ Microfibre System, resulting in 278,000 Litres of water saved annually. 

Positioning itself as a superior alternative to traditional cleaning practices, Rubbermaid Commercial Products advocate for sustainable solutions. Their microfibre range epitomises environmentally conscious cleaning, offering a wide array of HYGEN™ microfibre solutions (cloths and mops) and related products that conserve water and minimise chemical usage. Embracing these solutions promises a cleaner environment, significant cost savings, and a positive contribution to global conservation efforts. 

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