Deep clean escalators with ease.

Treat your tricky escalators to a deep clean this spring. Conquest’s Rotowash range scrubs the most stubborn dirt from every facility cleaner’s nightmare.


Spring is traditionally a time for cleaning. Although keeping appearance and hygiene up to standard is a daily, year-round process in the cleaning industry, the concept of ‘spring cleaning’ provides us the opportunity to step back and reflect on our cleaning processes as a whole.

In particular, asking: what areas don’t get the attention they should?

Escalators are a cleaner’s nightmare. High-traffic elements with tight grooves that most cleaning equipment cannot reach into, it’s not uncommon to look into the grooves of an escalator and see a large build-up of dirt and grime accumulated beneath your feet.


Cleaning an escalator thoroughly requires specialised equipment. Conquest’s Rotowash range was built with this tricky job in mind, featuring a thick-bristled brush that digs in between the tight grooves to remove dirt. With cleaning widths ranging from 20cm-60cm, there’s a Rotowash model for every escalator.

Easily transportable and even easier to use, the Rotowash can transform the once-dreaded escalator cleaning task into a fast and regular part of your cleaning process.


Escalators aren’t the Rotowash’s only strength. The bristled brush effectively cleans tiles and grout, concrete, stone, linoleum, vinyl, and even carpet. Tasks that often require manual scrubbing are a breeze for the Rotowash.

Treat yourself to a clever cleaning process this spring and see what the Rotowash can do for you.


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