Conquest is behind you all the way

Nobody notices a clean floor. But everybody will notice a dirty one. There’s no doubt that first impressions count, and those in the industry understand that those initial split-second decisions say a lot about an organisation.

At Conquest, floor cleaning is an obsession. In fact, industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment is ALL they do, so they believe they REALLY know their stuff.

Some may call it unhealthy, but Conquest think they have it just right. They will focus on your floor cleaning equipment, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you – efficiency, productivity and safety.

The obsession for floor cleaning perfection sees Conquest go to exceptional lengths to tailor the right solution to your unique needs and operating environment. All recommendations are backed by their  8-step Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP), which starts with a free site assessment conducted by a floor cleaning expert.

Conquest is dedicated to ensuring that your floor cleaning solution fits you like a particularly clean glove. They back their equipment recommendations with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you never have to experience the frustration of inadequate equipment, machine failure or downtime again:

  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Flexible rental offers and no-fee cancellations
  • 4-year parts warranty
  • Zero Downtime Program

Conquest is behind you all the way to help you keep your facility looking its best.

Book a FREE site assessment today to receive your tailored recommendation from one of Conquest’s cleaning solutions experts.

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