CIRI makes second call for its cutting edge 2016 symposium

The not-for-profit Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) International, in conjunction with IICRC and The Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection, has announced joint plans for its 2016 science and technology symposium

CIRI-_Logo_WebCIRI’s Spring 2016 Science and Research Symposium themed ‘Cleaning Science, Health, Environment, and The Clean Standard: Field Testing, New Research, Innovative Methods, Findings, and Challenges

The not-for-profit Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) International, in conjunction with IICRC and The Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection, has announced joint plans for its 10 and 11 April 2016 science and technology symposium at the Georgia Institute of Technology Hotel and Global Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

‘CIRI’s highly respected biennial symposiums will join forces with the first ever IICRC technical conference in this Sunday and Monday seminal event. Principal focus is on scientific research, R&D, applied technology and innovation.  No other industry meeting or conference matches this unique and high-powered science focused event,’ stated the organisation’s early December press release.

Continuing CIRI’s successful research symposia in the past, CIRI and IICRC together invite proposals for topics and/or papers including the following areas:

  • Cutting edge research
  • Recent findings
  • Innovative processes
  • New data
  • Field experiences
  • Scientific review papers
  • Fundamentals of cleaning science
  • New approaches to cleaning science
  • Applications and importance of cleaning science to health and indoor environments including  schools, hospitality, childcare, healthcare, and other markets
  • Applications and importance of cleaning science to overall building and facilities maintenance, cleaning and/or restoration.
  • The watershed event – that has received consistent praise, respect and support from the greater cleaning community – consists of a two-day midweek program:
  • A first afternoon and evening welcome reception, followed by
  • 1.5 days of informative meetings with time for questions, discussions, and breakout sessions.

This CIRI and IICRC collaborative research symposium will comprise:

  • A welcome reception and registration for Saturday arrivals on the evening of 9 April
  • Two full days of presentations, discussion and panels on Sunday 10 April and Monday 11 April, including time for questions, discussion and breakout sessions where appropriate
  • Closure for departure in late afternoon, 11 April

Of special interest are invited papers and updated reviews of the two CIRI developed, ISSA standards:

  • Clean Standard: K-12 Schools
  • Clean Standard: Institutional and Commercial Facilities

These standards focus on indoor environmental measurement and assessment of healthier indoor environs and focus on interior surfaces. Thereby one is capable of determining which cleaning and restoration products, equipment and processes will maximise clean and healthy indoor environments. The symposium will advance intensive, in-depth training and certification for cleaning, restoration, and the Clean Standards.

The 2016 CIRI and IICRC symposium shall also address the science and efficacy of various industry practices – accepted, novel or alternative. CIRI’s byword is ‘Only Science Can See!’ Joining with IICRC, this industry-changing symposium will focus on in-depth measurement, new discovery, truth, scientific data and analytical research on cleaning and health, disaster remediation and restoration.  Wholly commercial approaches and marketing or product promotion is discouraged; such proposals will be set aside based on a confidential internal review.

Proposed title, authors and brief summary or outline of topics or papers for this joint CIRI and IICRC symposium should be submitted by 15 December 2015. Submissions will be subject to confidential internal review. Proposals shall be on a proposed topic, but ideas for other wider presentation themes are also encouraged.  Each proposal or title, brief abstract and named speaker(s) will be carefully considered, subject to CIRI internal review for content, rigor and applicability. Proposals should be emailed to Dr Steven M. Spivak, CIRI science advisory chair and University of Maryland engineering professor emeritus at

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