The 3 reasons cleaning companies don’t grow is the only LIVE field management software specifically made to help cleaning companies win and keep more customers.


To grow a professional services business today we have to stay ahead of the rising expectations of customers. And our team need to exceed these expectations every shift and for every task.

Yet most cleaning companies don’t have an ability to accurately allocate work and monitor what is happening in the field. As you read this, do you know WHO is cleaning WHERE, WHEN they arrived on-site and exactly WHAT tasks they will be doing today?

Clients are expecting that we are assigning work accurately and we are monitoring our teams’ activity live. With and our custom mobile applications you can.

We let you schedule regular and periodical work as specified in contracts, allocate this work to staff, monitor progress of shifts and report on all work … LIVE.


With you can WIN more business through the capabilities we provide, and you can KEEP that business by delivering consistent, high quality work through your team.

The 3 reasons Freshops will get your cleaning company growing faster;

  1. Capturing Customer Needs: we take all your client requirements and make them available to your staff in the field via our easy to use mobile apps. The specifics of regular tasks, the scheduling of periodicals, and all the detail of your SOPs are now unlocked and available to your team as it is needed.
  2. Maintaining Consistency: with you can rapidly induct and coach new staff. Your cleaners can access any how-to guides, training videos, site inductions, security and safety information for all your clients. Importantly, when one cleaner moves on or is ill, all this information is instantly available to their replacement.
  3. Accurate Management: We capture all time and attendance and breaks. This data can then sync with most payroll applications saving you time on pay run entries.

So say good bye to early morning calls of “have you been here last night?”. With mobile workforce monitoring you immediately know what was done and when, letting you keep the confidence of your clients.

With and our apps you can WIN business and KEEP it, all at a price any cleaning business can afford.

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