Zero Emission Outdoor Cleaning Solutions

Introducing Australia’s first range of 100% zero emission outdoor cleaning solutions. Sweepers, scrubbers and vacuum’s designed with the environment in mind.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, EcoTeq has launched Australia’s first range of 100% zero emission outdoor cleaning and maintenance equipment. The mission: to promote cleaner, greener and more liveable cities.

Sourced from leading manufacturers in Europe, the EcoTeq range is manufactured from up to 92% recyclable materials with low-impact manufacturing processes. Featuring innovative technologically and advanced design, utilising quality components and engineering, EcoTeq machines are robust, powerful, and efficient.

Don’t choose between the environment, safety and productivity. Achieve all three with EcoTeq’s unique and sustainable battery-powered outdoor range.

Environmentally Friendly: EcoTeq machines are 100% electric, producing zero emissions. Built from the ground up as electric vehicles, they are lighter weight than machines converted from diesel, making them more powerful and efficient.

Designed with Safety in mind:  Safe for both operators and pedestrians, EcoTeq machines can be operated without disturbance in public or built-up urban spaces. With noise levels 30% quieter than diesel equivalents, low voltage systems, built-in safety features, dust control and contact-free collection of litter and debris, they are perfect for public spaces.

Improve Productivity and Performance: Recent advances in electric vehicle technology have made it possible to deliver the performance that street sweepers, washers and vacuum’s need in a cleaner, greener way. The power and performance capability of electric outdoor cleaning equipment now matches diesel-powered machines.

As cleaner battery technology continues to advance, EcoTeq strive to remain at the forefront of developments and grow their range of 100% electric outdoor cleaning and maintenance equipment that help organisations meet their zero emissions targets – without compromising on safety or performance.

EcoTeq is backed with over 40 years of expert service and support provided by leading industrial equipment supplier, Conquest Equipment.

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