What sort of culture are you building at work?

Companies with strong cultures attract and retain employees and often outperform their rivals.

“Company culture” is not just another buzz phrase in today’s business environment, but a solid strategy that can boost employee engagement, work morale, and overall productivity for any company or organisation.

Company culture is the values, beliefs, and behaviours that determine how employees and management interact within the context of a company. It has a significant impact on recruitment, retention, and employee satisfaction.

Companies with strong, positive cultures will attract the cream of the top talent through a gravitational pull to their values. Employees feeling aligned to a company’s culture tends to result in higher job satisfaction levels, less labour turnover and more commitment to the workforce.

Additionally, a well-defined culture helps brand identity by creating a compelling outward image of attractiveness to would-be employees and customers. Research proves that organisations possessing strong cultures outperform their rivals over the long term in financial performance, pointing very clearly toward the business value of investing in culture.

How to build a strong company culture

Start by defining what your organisation represents. Involve employees to ensure that the values are clearly articulated and resonate in the organisation. 

Encourage a working atmosphere that accepts and appreciates diverse backgrounds and perspectives. By bringing different points of view to the table, you can boost creativity and enhance problem-solving.

Encourage leaders to be transparent about the company’s successes and challenges. This openness builds trust among employees and makes them feel they add value to the organisation.

Encourage routine and constructive feedback. Allow employees to express themselves freely regarding constructive criticism or suggestions without feeling retaliated against.

Encourage recognition. Design programs that continuously recognise and reward employees for their efforts. Recognition may range from verbal acknowledgment to promotion or bonus.

Encourage opportunities. Provide employees with training and development opportunities that will empower the workforce by allowing them to improve their skills and advance.

Organisations that embrace core values such as diversity, open communication, recognition and employee work-life balance fuel a thriving culture, leading to long-term success.

About the author:

Jeff Cross is the ISSA media director, with media brands that include ISSA Today, Cleaning & Maintenance Management and Cleanfax.

The piece was originally published on issa.com

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