Top-Of-The-Range Floor Scrubbing Machine

The top-of-the-range Conquest Maxima 50Bt Plus is a highly efficient, high powered walk-behind floor scrubber packed with features and the latest, cutting-edge technology.

Strikingly compact and intuitive, the top-of-the-range Conquest Maxima 50Bt Plus is an efficient, high powered walk-behind floor scrubber packed with special features and the latest cutting-edge technology.

Built with operators in mind, the Conquest Maxima 50Bt Plus features an easy to-use touch screen interface, delivering maximum control right at your fingertips.  Well-considered ergonomic features minimise discomfort for simple and effortless operation, even with extended use.  Plus safety risks are minimised, boasting clever technology including an emergency stop button, powerful 3-stage vacuum motor for instantly dry floors, and an automatic electrobrake.

Environmentally friendly by design, the Conquest Maxima 50BT features an onboard water recycling system that increases water capacity by up to 50%, while allowing the machine to work for longer periods and reduce water waste. The Eco Mode function helps prevent water, detergent and energy consumption by using only the required quantities and nothing more.  When the machine is idle, each the brush motor, vacuum motor, traction and detergent pump will turn off automatically, to minimise both costs and emissions.

The innovative extras don’t end there, with a wash gun and vacuum wand fitted to support cleaning in those more difficult to reach spaces.

But don’t be fooled by the high tech gadgetry!  The cleverly sleek-but-sturdy design is engineered to prevent damage from accidental impact, featuring a polyethylene casing and aluminium componentry to extend machine life, save on costly emergency repairs and reduce downtime.  Extra-large solution and recovery tanks allow extended cleaning between refills.

Safe, sturdy, speedy and environmentally sound. Conquest’s Maxima 50BT Plus commercial floor scrubber is the clever way to clean.

Recommended for supermarkets, warehouses, production facilities, gymnasiums, retail showrooms and workshops.

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