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The latest innovation in floor cleaning machines has arrived. The top-of-the-range Conquest Magna Plus scrubbing machine features the latest, cutting-edge technology including incredible onboard tutorials and enhanced operating features.

Conquest is proud to introduce the newest addition to their commercial floor cleaning fleet, The Conquest Magna Plus scrubbing machine is the top-of-the-range, complete with cutting-edge technology raising the bar for safety and performance.

Featuring the latest innovations in floor cleaning controlled with the touch of a finger via the full colour LCD display screen. Incredible on-board technology provides enhanced functions and programs, such as in depth on-board tutorials, preprogramed zoned cleaning and clever systems to optimise water and solution usage optimising cleaning times, lowering cleaning costs and reducing water and energy consumption.

Safety was a key consideration in the design of the Conquest Magna Plus floor scrubber with state of the art technology integrated into this already impressive machine. Full colour reverse camera provides a clear line of vision to the operator allowing them to be aware of their surrounds. This is supported by an audible reverse alarm which sounds when the machine approaches an obstacle alerting the operator to avoid collisions.

Boasting intuitive descent control for safe negotiation of inclines and the automatic park brake which is engaged as soon as the accelerator is released, allowing the power scrubber to be parked on slopes and ramps.

Handy spray gun and vacuum wand to enable manual cleaning of difficult to reach areas and impressive LED under-body lighting to illuminate areas which may require operator inspection and improve visibility add to this incredible floor scrubbing machine’s list of must have features.

When it comes to commercial cleaning equipment the Conquest Magna Plus exceeds expectations, delivering outstanding results with the latest technologies to truly provide the clever way to clean.

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