The only BFA Registered Multipurpose Citrus Cleaner In Australia.

Cleanjuice was registered in December 2010 as an approved BFA product suitable for cleaning various organic applications.

This was groundbreaking, as there is not currently another registered citrus cleaner with the BFA. Since the registration, the take up of the product has been substantial, as companies see the benefits not only on our waterways and plant life, but also the minimal environmental impacts of an organic product.   In recent trade related shows, the other resounding factor was the concern of companies O.H.&S representatives regarding the use of harsh chemicals that their personnel have been exposed to, in the cleaning industry, over a long period of time.  This lead Clean Juice to be accepted by various councils and public facilities.   Another incident was as a school facility whereby a cleaner accidentally left out one of the usual cleaning chemicals in the childrens washroom, and it was consumed by a child.  The unfortunate result was a permanent injury to the childs throat.   We have since replaced the chemicals with the Clean Juice product.

With the addition of AQIS registration the product has been broadly accepted by various meatworks, fisheries, rabbit processors.  This is a one step process you do not require a sanitiser.

We have many large commercial cleaners using the product in public areas and promoting the Green aspect of their business.  In Europe Green is standard, it is only a matter of time until all of our large public events will be required to comply,

Advantages of using the one Multi Purpose Cleaner;

• Safe on many surfaces and materials               O.S.&S Safe handling for employees 
• Low cost as generally used at a 10:1 ratio with water from the concentrate.

Cheaper freight as there is no alcohol of Class 3 for Dangerous goods, excellent for multi store delivery as it can be transported with their food order.No Harsh Chemicals or caustics.  Can be used in organic processing as approved cleaner.AQIS Approved for use in Meatworks, fisheries, restaurants, hotels.

Clean Juice Pty Ltd

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