The introduction of Glomesh Cyclone pads

The introduction of Glomesh Cyclone pads for stone floor care and maintenance heralds a new dimension in this important floor maintenance area

Using a familiar three-pad preparation process and then a single pad burnishing maintenance program, Glomesh Cyclone has moved into the new realm of ceramic abrasive impregnated pads.
The benefits are firstly that ceramic is at least 20% less expensive than other expensive abrasive material used for such a process.  Secondly the pad manufacturing process ensures that the abrasive, rather than being merely surface coated, is actually impregnated into the pad at time of manufacture of the pad. This gives as much as a further 20% longer active use of the abrasive qualities of the pad.

This two-way win for Glomesh Cyclone makes this an exceptionally worthwhile polish-free, chemical-free method of maintaining stone floors.

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