The Benefits of Long-Term Rentals

Investing in industrial and commercial floor sweepers and scrubbing machines can be daunting. Before committing to an outright floor cleaning machine purchase, discover the benefits of long term rentals.

Investing in industrial and commercial floor cleaners can be a daunting process, involving large capital outlay for the right piece of equipment. Before committing to an outright purchase, the benefits of a long term rental agreement should be considered.

Fixed payment

Long term machine rental removes the need to purchase an industrial sweeper or scrubbing machine outright, freeing up funds for other mandatory costs. These cost savings may be passed along allowing for greater spend in other areas.

No maintenance costs

Scheduled servicing, ongoing operator training and technical support are included in most rental contracts. Scheduled services and machine repairs are arranged through the supplier with costs included as part of the contract, unless the damage was caused by operators.

A Tax Advantage

Rental floor cleaners are not shown on balance sheets and are often claimed as a business expense. Whilst this is common practice, it is highly recommended to always discuss the eligibility of any tax claim with a Tax Accountant.

Flexible options

The needs of a business are likely to change, increasing or decreasing the floor cleaning requirements overtime. A long-term rental contract allows for flexibility to downgrade or upgrade cleaning equipment at the time of contract renewal ensuring that a company is not left with an unsuitable machine. At the end of the term, the machine can be sent back and begin a new term with more advanced cleaning machines.

A clever way to clean

At Conquest, we have listened to our customers and now offer a fully flexible rental option on all our equipment. Providing the peace of mind to customers knowing that as their business grows or changes, they can change their equipment to suit their ongoing needs.

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