TechCollect encouraging businesses to ‘Waste Not, Want Not’

TechCollect is calling for Australian businesses to play their part in building a sustainable future by recycling unwanted e-waste for‘Waste Not, Want Not’ Day.

techcollect_049Industry-funded electronic waste recycling service TechCollect is calling for Australian businesses to step up and play their part in building a sustainable future by recycling unwanted e-waste on Thursday 8 December 2017.

As technology consumption continues to rise, it’s critical that businesses become more active participants in sustainability and promote awareness of responsible recycling throughout the year.

The service’s ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ Day on 8 December 2017 provides a reminder to businesses to open up the storage room and hand over old office supplies for responsible recycling.

[quote]“It’s crucial for recycling to be viewed as a civic duty for all of us, but it’s also important for businesses to take some weight off consumers’ shoulders, as it often falls unfairly on individuals to do the right thing,” stated TechCollect CEO Carmel Dollisson. [/quote]

[quote]“There is a lot more the corporate sector can do to take responsibility for the e-waste it generates and to make a positive impact on the environment and wider community. Instead of businesses letting e-waste accumulate, we’re encouraging them to make a pledge to support ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ Day by recycling their e-waste at their nearest TechCollect drop off site or calling us direct if they have a substantial amount that we may be able to collect.” [/quote]

The festive season is the perfect time for employers and employees to clear offices of clutter ahead of the new year and take shared responsibility for their e-waste. Dollisson says education is vital, not just for better workplace practice but for employees at home.

[quote]“Precious metals exist in e-waste and if we don’t recycle products those metals are lost to landfill,” said Ms Dollisson. “Recycling means that these valuables can be recovered and put back into the manufacturing process.[/quote]

[quote]“If we want Australia to build a more effective and adaptable system, an environment in which responsibilities are more evenly shared between consumers and business needs to be created.”[/quote]

To get involved on ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ day, businesses can:

  • Gather all unwanted and unused e-waste from around the workplace
  • Call 1300 229 837 to see if they qualify for a free pickup
  • Find their nearest free drop-off point at

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