Cleaning industry jobs direct to your inbox

Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a Job Alert, where job seekers select criteria such as Classification, Work Type, Location, or Salary, and have jobs matching those criteria emailed directly to them. The evolution of internet enabled mobile devices has further enhanced the convenience and time saving benefits of this functionality. You can […]

jobla: the solution for the employment industry

It is widely recognised that some of the industry’s top talent lies in passive jobs seekers, individuals who are typically hard to reach as they aren’t actively using online job resources, but rather finding new roles through networking and word of mouth. These individuals can often leave the market before potentially interested parties even know […]

‘Targeting’ times for online job boards

While free job ads have undoubted appeal, the enduring success of a jobs website lies in how well it can target, and then actually reach, all of the potential job market.  And that  includes those hard to reach people who didn’t even know they wanted to move! When it comes to online job boards, while […]


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