Shake and brush.

Shake and brush. A fresh new way of after-spill clean-ups leaving nothing but the scent of lemons.

Pall Mall’s GALA D-VOUR changes smelly liquids into an odourless semi-solid mass for safe, fast and   easy clean-up.  Ideal for spills in grocery stores, restaurants, health care facilities or schools.

Use D-VOUR to set free-flowing liquids (except for oils) and destroy odours fast. Simply sprinkle D-Vour lightly over a liquid spill on any hard floor and watch as it transforms 100 times its weight within seconds to a semi-solid.

What was a slip danger as a liquid becomes a tidy congealed semi-solid, easy to shovel or pick up with a Gala Lobby Dust Pan set and helps eliminate potential slips and falls on spilt liquids

D-Vour makes clean ups so much easier, faster and more pleasant, especially since it devours all odour leaving behind a pleasant lemon fragrance.

It eliminates the need for drippy dirty mops, towels or swab rags and is ideal for spills, broken containers of food, drinks, liquid chemical, vomit, urine, blood, and health care facility liquid and accumulation of liquids in bottoms of trash receptacles.

D-Vour Absorbent Powders advantages;

  • For hard floors
  • Can be used in almost any situation there is a liquid spill other than oil
  • Expands to 100 times its weight
  • Easily brush up a l liquid spill in seconds – a major safety factor
  • Easier, faster and more pleasant clean ups
  • Devours unpleasant odours leaving a pleasant lemon fragrance


For more information and to see a demo of this amazing product, contact Pall Mall on either 02 9584 8644 or email at

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