As seen at the ISSA EXPO TASKI Intellibot -Hands-Free Cleaning®

TASKI IntelliBot makes it possible to clean twice as much, without increasing labour.


The robotic evolution of cleaning is a reality with TASKI. With the rise of a Robotic generation of cleaning machines, TASKI IntelliBot makes it possible to clean twice as much, without increasing labour. TASKI IntelliBot machines are designed for Hands-Free Cleaning, once you have selected a cleaning route and style, simply press go and the robot will run by itself for up to 4 hours of uninterrupted cleaning. Once the robot has completed the assigned area it can either return to the starting point, or stop and notify the operator. Let your Intellibot clean the floors while you get on with the detailed work. IntelliBot offers safe and reliable floor-cleaning robotic solutions.

Why choose TASKI Intellibot?

  •  TASKI Intellibot allows for true multi-tasking, one person can accomplish twice the work. Double your productivity without increasing labour, cost per square meter is dramatically reduced.
  • Machines consistently cleans the same area, at the same speed, with the same overlapping coverage, every time, every day which aids in reduced costs.
  • Low training level, as simple as Prep, Point & Go, requiring no unique skills or complicated training.
  • Featuring Eco-Save, an advanced purification and recycling system which uses only 57 litres of water per shift. That means less water use, less cleaning solution, and 85% less wastewater going down the drain.

  • Featuring Intelli-Trak, which digitally records operational data, and allows customers to have access to daily, weekly and monthly reports through our TASKI management system.
  • Advanced robotic technology allows machines to operate autonomously, thinking on their own and making decisions based on their current surroundings.
  • Incorporating up to 19 sensors, Intellibot has a 360-degree view of its surroundings, this allows it to operate and clean on its own. Sensors detect obstacles as well as people, stopping to let them pass before proceeding. It also detects stairs and will automatically stop.
  • TASKI Intellibot offers several cleaning options to fit your needs including Area, Spot, and Map Clean.
    – Area Clean – used for hallways, conference rooms and aisles 1.8 – 18.3 m wide, 12 specific cleaning patterns to choose from.
    – Spot Clean – ideal for a defined distance ranging from 6.1 – 60.7 m in one direction. e.g. when an operator only wants to clean a hallway for 15.2 m before stopping.
    – Map Clean is available for more complex layouts and is quoted on an individual basis.

TASKI Intellibot is a new innovation from the Diversey team at Sealed Air.
For more information please contact Jacinta Kunst on 0423 029 745 or email


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