Reducing our environmental impact at trade shows

The Ashkin Group president shares his tips for reducing our environmental impact at cleaning trade shows.

While there are numerous cleaning trade shows throughout the year, the numbers seem to pick-up from September through March.

Therefore, this is a perfect time for attendees and exhibitors alike to realise that trade shows can have an enormous impact on the environment, according to Stephen Ashkin, a leading advocate for sustainability and president of The Ashkin Group.

“Just think about it. Invariably, a big show means packed hotels with guest using lots of water, energy, fuel and other resources,” said Ashkin. “Fortunately, there are ways we can minimise that impact.”

Ashkin offers the following suggestions:


When leaving your hotel room, turn off or at least turn down the thermostat. There is no need to heat or cool the room (and waste energy) while you’re at the convention. Also, don’t forget to turn off the lights, TV, radio and other electronic devices.


Consider taking a refillable, insulated bottle, which saves water, materials/packaging, and money – and it keeps the water cold. Also, change hotel towels and bed linens only as needed. And be conscious about water-use during showering, brushing teeth, shaving, etc.

Support housekeepers

Include a tip and a note thanking them for keeping your room clean and healthy.  Housekeepers tend to be under appreciated.


One of the biggest environmental impacts is the food choices we make. Eat greens, which have a lower environmental footprint compared to meat, and it’s good for you.


Walk and use public transportation as much as possible. Most trade shows offer shuttle buses to the convention centre or provide public transportation.  And if you have to drive or take a cab, share it with others.

Dematerialise (source reduction)

Try to minimise the number of brochures that you take from the exhibitors. Instead, ask them to email the information to you which will save a lot of trees.


Ask exhibitors what they are doing that is green and sustainable.  We need to get the message out that people care about these issues.

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