Reach new digital highs in 2018

Mark Jones proposes three aspects of business to consider when reinvigorating your goals for the year ahead.

The start of the new calendar year is always a good time to reset and reinvigorate your goals for the year ahead. Mark Jones* proposes three aspects of business to consider; direction, operations and scale.

Have clear direction

It is very easy to take new clients for granted. But are you stopping to review your current clients, the clients you are winning (and losing), and if your clients are profitable? How and why you win new business will be related to how you are positioned in the market. What are the main claims you make? How do you differentiate from your competitors? And, is this clear to these prospects?

Enhance operations

Many companies now offer visit verification with software that is advancing all the time. Managing staff in the field requires us to know where staff are, what task they are completing and when it was completed. If you are not providing this you are falling behind the leaders in this industry.

Scaling your business

To scale your business you need to be taking on customers faster than you lose them, and you need to do the work for each and every customer profitably. As you expand, inefficiencies creep in, such as more supervisors needed for larger teams, or overheads of machinery that are infrequently used. To beat this, you need digital marketing, IT and software to help you do more with the same team.

*Mark Jones is a director of 

This article first appeared in the January/February issue of INCLEAN magazine.

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