Nilfisk VP600 – Energy Efficient Commercial Vacuum

The new Nilfisk VP600 commercial vacuum features a magnetic closing dust compartment, Hepa13 filtration and a streamlined design.

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Introducing the newest offering from Nilfisk, the sleek VP600 commercial vacuum.

Whisper quiet operation means the VP600 is for daytime use and the quality Hepa filter means the vacuum can be used where air quality is paramount. The VP600 is robust and compact for easy transport and storage.

Onboard housing of accessories, Hepa13 filtration and a strong focus on energy efficiency, demonstrate the quality and attention to detail we have come to expect from Nilfisk products

Low energy consumption is combined with innovative new features in the VP600. The standard fan energy consumption of 350W is enhanced with an 800W power boost by the push of button.

The quiet operating noise level of 66dB(A) enables daytime cleaning in noise sensitive areas without disturbing customers in your shop, guests in your hotel or staff in the office. On board accessories are user friendly and easy to reach.

Changing dust bags on the VP600 is fast and easy – thanks to the new self-locating magnetic dust compartment. After replacing the dust bag, the magnetic system automatically self-locates the lid into the right position, protecting hinges and locking mechanisms to reduce any risk of damage.

VP600_combi nozzleMaintaining and servicing the Nilfisk VP600 is easy and time saving due to the new modular construction. Select either a model with a detachable cord or cord rewind depending on your business needs. When a cord is worn or damaged, it can easily be replaced by a new cord module in seconds, providing you with a vacuum that is there for you day in, day out.

The Nilfisk VP600 is the latest example of high quality professional cleaning equipment from Nilfisk.

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Nilfisk-Advance has been developing cleaning machines for more than 100 years and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment.

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