New report shows facility management skills in demand

According to the latest Hays Quarterly Report, Australia’s facilities management job market will be active this quarter, with demand evident for skilled professionals.

Facilities managers, technical facilities managers and facilities coordinators are three of the skill sets leading jobs growth, according to the latest Hays Quarterly Report for the July to September quarter.

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The recruitment firm says Australia’s facilities management job market will be active this quarter, with demand evident for skilled professionals.

Facilities managers with service provider or consulting experience are in high demand as are those with tier 1 consultant experience. So too are technical facilities managers with experience in commercial high-rise buildings.

Consultancies are competing with each other for these in-demand professionals, but many are insistent on exact skills matches. For example, a retail centre might insist on retail backgrounds. This excludes job seekers with transferable skills and narrows the potential candidate pool. Facilities coordinators are also in demand. Employers look for skilled candidates with experience and will invest in their development.

New South Wales

In New South Wales, the ongoing construction boom is fuelling demand for mobilisation and commissioning professionals while the relocation of organisations is adding to activity.

Recruitment in the public sector is also strong with council mergers and state government departments undergoing restructures to find cost savings. As such the trend is to centralise facilities management into the corporate function. Demand for senior facilities managers with technical skills is strong.

The cycle of outsourcing continues within NSW with a number of first generation outsourced FM contracts being awarded. This has strengthened the tier 1 companies’ dominance within the market.

Western Australia

In Western Australia, candidates are looking for metropolitan roles due to the reduction in FIFO and regional vacancies. More universities, healthcare and mining industry companies are outsourcing their facilities management function, with employers preferring to recruit for resulting roles on a temporary and contract basis.


In Queensland, asset owners continue to make redundancies in-house to cut costs and drive efficiencies. Demand remains for facilities managers with service provider or consulting experience and niche technical facilities managers with commercial high-rise experience.

In the state’s public sector recruitment activity is increasing, particularly for contract facilities managers with strong stakeholder engagement skills.


In Victoria, contracts for stadiums, music and entertainment venues are creating activity for strong and higher calibre candidates. Employers are willing to look beyond standard cleaning experience to candidates with services industry experience.

South Australia

In South Australia, changes in defence contracts have led to the movement of support candidates as whole departments relocate to the state. The area of soft services has also seen a boost due to changes in the mining industry and the way services companies staff their ongoing needs.

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