Mopping has finally evolved

Leave your mop bucket behind. The evolution in clever mopping is finally here.


The evolution of cleaning equipment technology left the humble task of mopping behind. While brooms turned into power sweepers and brushes turned into autoscrubbers, the poor mop and bucket remained. Advanced wringing techniques and specialised mop heads have made the job easier, but the problem still remained: how to get the quality clean of commercial cleaning equipment in a smaller area? Available machines were simply too large to fit.

The FIMOP fits. The compact design utilises separate solution and recovery tanks, eliminating the need for a bucket and ensuring that the floor is washed with clean water at every stage. It washes and dries in a single pass, leaving floors safe to walk on—ideal for restaurants and healthcare, or anywhere where spillages may occur. Lithium-Ion fast charge battery system means there are no power leads running across the cleaning area, reducing trip hazards and ensuring the machine is ready when you need it. Whether that’s for a quick clean up in Aisle 4, or a full clean at the end of the day.


Lightweight and portable, the FIMOP can be easily carried by its handle or folded to wheel around like a trolley. The cleverly designed handle allows the user to move in all directions, including backwards, without having to bend and twist. At every level, the FIMOP brings the best of cleaning technology into a small form machine weaves around and under tables and chairs with ease.
The FIMOP is intelligent Italian engineering at its finest. It’s not just a mop: it’s the evolution that mopping has been begging for.

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