Mobile Tools for Essential Services

Lighthouse from TEAM Software, your team has access to key items like time and attendance, work tickets, messaging and employee location tracking – anytime, anyplace.

Your cleaners are essential to keeping the world safe, so it’s even more critical to do what you can to make sure they have the tools they need — no matter where they’re working from.

Mobile workforce management solutions keep you connected

Mobile workforce management solution Lighthouse, powered by TEAM Software, developer of market-leading solutions for the cleaning industry, helps manage your workforce and jobs. Lighthouse captures information from your locations and cleaners in real-time so you can provide the best service possible for your customers. With configurable messaging and alerts, you and your cleaners can keep in contact from anywhere, helping keep them safe while on the job and resolve incidents quickly as they come up.

Mobile solutions keep your delivery of services on track

Lighthouse captures activity logs through simple, configurable and easy-to-use forms mobile forms, making sure your cleaners stay on top of assigned tasks no matter where they are. Plus, process time and attendance, and continuously track your cleaners using real-time positioning and live maps as your cleaners are on the move, so you can provide proof of work and reporting back to your customers and they know their contracts are being taken care of.

Key benefits of the Lighthouse mobile solution

  • Resolve incidents quickly, assign tasks and stay in contact with your cleaners through mobile technology.
  • Provide proof of service on your contracts through exportable reporting and analytics.
  • Review tasks from anywhere and stay on top of requests from your clients – and the latest compliance requirements.

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