Microfibre’s essential role in hygiene control

Rubbermaid Commercial Product’s HYGEN Disposable Microfibre provides the highest level of hygiene which is vital for preventing infections.

There remains a battle between healthcare staff and an overwhelming number of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)[1]. With around 180,000 healthcare-associated infections in Australian acute healthcare facilities each year, prevention and control of infection is a top priority for hospitals and healthcare facilities[2]. Cleaning in public environments requires more than just removing visible signs of dirt and bacteria, healthcare professionals must be able to rely on a product that does much more than that.

HYGEN Disposable Microfibre can help a great deal in maintaining a hygienic hospital and healthcare environment, an innovative reduction to surface transmitted infection risks. Proven to remove 99.9% of microbes from surfaces, microfibre eliminates food sources for live pathogens. This stops the chain contamination and infection in any facility as pathogens fail to sustain themselves. With HYGEN Disposable Microfibre’s width being less than 1/20th of a human hair with zig-zag scrubbers and streak-free technology, Rubbermaid Commercial Products have developed a market-leading product that is sure to ease the battle against healthcare-associated infections. Thus, creating a visually and physically cleaner environment.


3 thoughts on “Microfibre’s essential role in hygiene control

  1. Hi there. I would love to know where I can order some of these disposable microfibre cloths please x

  2. Regarding the use of disposable microfiber cloth, how much area does one clean before changing the cloth?

  3. hi Kathryn, we have a number of distributors that you may be transacting with already. Please could you call 1800-639-355 so we can discuss further?

    Hi Michael, we recommend to use one side of the cloth on one furniture and then the other side for another. For example the hospital bed rails with one side, and then turn over to other side for the over-the-bed table. The coverage is approximately 1 square metre per side, therefore 2 sqm for each cloth as a guide.

    Thank you
    Customer Service- Rubbermaid Commercial Products
    Au: 1800-639-355/ csaust@newellco.com

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