Leaders Forum: Bronte Hough, Salute

Industry leaders share their plans and predictions on the year ahead.

How was 2019 for Salute? What were the highlights? What were the challenges?

2019 was busy but very rewarding. We are thankful for the opportunities that were presented to us, and we are very appreciative to work with so many great customers and supply partners. The main highlight for me was the rebrand of our business from Pak-Rite to Salute.

Our rebrand last year represented so much more than just a change of name and logo as we completely re-positioned ourselves for the future, while recognising our heritage and first 33 years in business.

We now move forward as a strong independent force in the South Australian market, providing clients with a customer focused alternative to the large overseas-owned corporates.

What will be the immediate focus for Salute in 2020?

We will continue to work with our preferred supply partners in developing and growing market share with their leading brands. We will also have a big focus on bringing more of our ethically sourced own branded products to the South Australia market, therefore offering great quality products at an affordable price to complement our market leading brand portfolio.

What challenges and opportunities do you see for Salute looking ahead to 2020?

We believe the market will continue to be demanding over the next 12 months in terms of its expectations around quality and price.

It’s up to us to be well positioned to take advantage of any opportunities that come from this and we are working on this constantly, including the ongoing growth and development of our direct import program, along with working together with our preferred Australian manufacturers.

How will you engage with the market in 2020?

We will continue to engage in a personal manner to ensure the customer gets the best possible service. We will continue to ask the questions to find the right solution. Our online platform will increase as we are seeing this trend is a positive manner, and feel clients want to simplify the way they do business. We will also continue to have fun with our social media, nothing too serious here.

Will you expand the Salute product range or enter any new categories or markets in 2020?

We will absolutely continue to expand our Salute product range in 2020.  We have recently launched our Salute Chemical offering with great feedback, and early in 2020 we will have additional washroom paper products available. Watch this space as we have more products in the pipeline!

What do you expect will be the big trends of 2020?

A trend I expect to see is more companies looking to partner with credible local suppliers, particularly in South Australia. There will also be more demand for products with a strong sustainable and/or social message and background.

I feel Indigenous procurement will be a big focus for many more corporates, and I am proud to partner with Nood Australia in South Australia to promote their environmental products and wonderful story and vision.

What key issues do you think the industry should be discussing in 2020?

There needs to be more support for Australian-owned and operated businesses, particularly in government.

What is one issue you think the industry should urgently address in 2020?

The reduction of single-use plastics within the accommodation industry by eliminating single-use guest amenities.

How do you see the cleaning landscape evolving into 2020?

Technology will continue to advance and develop, and I see this having a significant impact as new smart systems are introduced to help customers and cleaners do their job better and more efficiently.

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