Karcher’s sweeper triumphs in strong line-up of Pulire Innovation Award finalists

The Pulire Innovation Award 2.1 judging panel was presented with making some tough decisions in determining finalists and an overall winner, reports INCLEAN editor Kim Taranto.

Pulire_Innovations_Web_SliderThe Pulire Innovation Award 2.1 judging panel was presented with making some tough decisions in determining finalists and an overall winner, reports INCLEAN editor Kim Taranto. “Karcher’s KM 125/130 R Sweeper, designed in response to user requests, came home overall winner,” she revealed.

The international jury of experts comprised Doug Cooke, chairman of the British Cleaning Council; Peter Hug, CEO of EUnited; Simon Chen, CEO of ICE; training expert Tibor Ritz; and Toni D’Andrea, CEO of Afidamp Services.

The Award was presented at Pulire 2015, which concluded this week at its traditional Verona Fiere venue.

Pictured in Karcher's KM 125/130 R Sweeper's driver seat is Karcher's production manager Marian Anton
Pictured in the KM 125/130 R Sweeper’s driver seat is Karcher’s production manager Marian Anton

Winner: Karcher’s KM 125/130 R Sweeper

Working with two front side brushes to make cleaning easier around corners and a fully automatic triggered airdraft cleaning technology (TACT) filter cleaning system, Karcher’s KM 125/130 R sweeper was overall winner of the PULIRE 2015 Innovation Award 2.1.

The machine’s TACT system provides automatic filter cleaning every 45 seconds while its intelligent sweeping programs and positioning of the main sweeping brush between the rear wheels were stand-out features. It also means the brush isn’t damaged when driving over speed humps as the brush lifts with the back wheels.

Karcher was delighted about the accolade as this machine was designed in response to customer market research so winning the award was testament to the considerable time and effort put into innovative design features.


Falpi’s CollegaMe Tracking System Software is a tracking system for indoor use based on iBeacon technology. CollegaMe system uses an operating system icloud where the enabled user can supervise in real time the position and movements of a mobile device smartphone or tablet and communicate by a data connection. CollegaMe can be used where the GPS system doesn’t work such as indoor or buildings with many floors. It has been conceived for the professional cleaning sector and it allows tracing of service trolleys in facilities and tracking of areas in which service is carried out in real time.

Fimap's Genie XS
Fimap’s Genie XS

Fimap’s Genie XS scrubbing machine uses lithium ion battery technology to recharge fast, offering multiple uses in short and targeted cleaning operations during the same day with no downtime. It scrubs and dries in a single pass using the Ecomode system to optimise detergent solution usage and energy consumption. With an aluminium base and chassis, the Genie XS is sturdy and lightweight to make for easy transport and ultimate convenience with a remote battery charger. It can clean in every direction with its easy manoeuvrability and leaves floors dry with only one pass.

Fimap’s Fimop is a compact scrubber/dryer, similar to the bigger Genie XS but its much smaller dimensions make it perfect to clean small areas and to be easily stored. The machine could even be used in domestic settings. The Fimop offers a replacement for a mop but is far more effective with the power delivered from lithium ion batteries, which deliver short bursts of use – available any time. The brush is cylindrical and offers one hour of working autonomy, however used on and off, the charge could last up to a few days.

Kaivac Cleaning Solutions’ OmniFlex AutoVac System is a ‘crossover’ auto scrubber that cleans as well and as fast as a traditional walk-behind or ride-on auto scrubber. This system is perfect for high speed cleaning of hard surface areas and it’s fast and effective without the complexity. The machine can switch between corded and battery operation in seconds; the battery model cleans 1,800 sq m an hour and the corded version cleans 1500 sq m an hour. And because there are few moving parts, there is rarely any downtime or need of a technician for repairs.

Socaf's Diego Lussana with i-cart for the i-mop
Socaf’s Diego Lussana with i-cart for the i-mop

Socaf’s i-cart has been designed to house and transport the scrubber/drier i-mop, offering a total cleaning solution in the one place. The i-cart holds water and chemicals to refill the i-mop on the go and also offers colour-coded brushes, tanks and pads – all HACCP approved. Some of the i-cart’s features include two fresh water tanks; on board charger; detachable power cord; wet floor sign holder; drive on/off ramp for i-mop; easy access sliding drawers; storage for five mop handles; and a cup holder.


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