Kärcher, the global leader in cleaning technology and solutions, has released a Battery Power+ range.

Kärcher, the global leader in cleaning technology and solutions, has released a Battery Power+ range. This new, versatile range ensures users experience endless compatibility, performance, and safety in both domestic and commercial cleaning.

The Kärcher 36V Battery Power+ includes several new features that are first to the market. When a machine is in operation, the user is made constantly aware of the remaining runtime with the runtime displayed on the LCD Screen in minutes and percentage. When charging, the battery also displays the remaining charging time in minutes.

Additional features include a robust IPX5 splash-proof case, LCD display screen with Real Time Technology, powerful lithium-ion cells, intelligent cell monitoring, and efficient temperature management to avoid overheating.

Kärcher the global leader in cleaning technology and solutions, has taken the commercial cleaning industry by storm with the release of their first ever battery-powered range with Real Time Technology. The machines in this platform are compatible with the one high-performance 36V Battery Power+ battery that comes in 6.0Ah and 7.0Ah. With just this battery, you can switch between operating Kärcher battery-powered machines such as Backpack Vacuum, Tub Vacuum Cleaner, Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Spray Extractor, Carpet Sweeper, Floor Scrubber Dryer, High-Pressure Water Cleaner and Leaf Blower.

The Kärcher Battery Power+ range is ideal for both domestic and professional cleaning. Whether it is removing spillage in the home with the Spray Extractor, or cleaning upholstery in commercial locations such as hotels with the Wet & Dry Vacuum, the 36V Kärcher Power+ battery offers both flexibility and efficient cleaning.

Protected by a high-quality, robust and impact-resistant casing with an IPX5 protection rating, the Kärcher Battery Power+ 36V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 7.5Ah or 6Ah brings together high performance with impressive endurance. Developed for Kärcher cleaning machines in the 36V battery range, the battery is super intelligent and perfectly safe. Intelligent cell monitoring protects against overload, overheating and deep discharge while the efficient temperature management guarantees safe heat regulation of the batteries so that the maximum power is always delivered safely.


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