Industry outlook 2020: Part two

Industry leaders share their predictions on the year ahead.

INCLEAN asked some of the industry’s senior executives their predictions on the trends set to shape 2020. 

Ranmalee de Silva, application engineering specialist, 3M Commercial Solutions Division, Cleaning & Workplace Safety

“As a society we’re are becoming more aware of climate change as well as our own impact on the climate and on natural resources. People are more conscious about changing their activities to lessen that impact. We are now seeing that movement flow into the business sector and the cleaning industry. Products that are reducing the use of water or the use of chemicals, are becoming  more in demand. There is now a genuine need for more sustainable products rather than it being a box to be ticked.”

Garth Michalson, managing director, Cleanstar

“Trends relate to convenience and the environment. From cordless battery-powered machinery, robotics (but we are still a while away), biodegradable, enviro-friendly, water saving, recycled products and generally greener products. With the climate change movement becoming stronger all over the world, we expect this to be the main trend in 2020.”

Lauren Micallef, Oceania manager, ISSA 

“Globally, there has been a focus on robotics and automation and how it can be used to work ‘smarter’ and improve productivity. There has also been an increase in demand for data analysis in order to aid businesses in being wiser with how they deploy tools and manage work loading.

“We are also seeing more research and investment into areas such as nanotechnology and natural, bio-based materials. Companies are looking at how natural substances can aid in breaking down materials, eliminating odours and more. Another innovative development is the use of drone technology. Although it is in a prototype phase, it is being examined in relation to external building care.”

“While our local region is influenced by similar global trends, there have also been a number of steps forward in relation to state and national regulations and requirements that have had a direct impact on the cleaning industry.

“From single touch payroll, amendments to the Fair Work Act and the implementation of the Modern Slavery Act. Not to mention the lending implications that have stemmed from the Banking Royal Commission and what will follow for third parties due to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Royal Commission.”

Robert Diaz, managing director, Krystalshield & Shield Chemicals

“2020 will be a year for change as customers are expecting more from the products they use. They are fed up with the amount of clutter in the cleaners’ room and the amount of product they use. Cleaning contracts are so tight that for them to come out in front, they need a real concentrate that has multiple uses. Single-use products are a thing of the past. Real concentrates are also in high demand, and manufacturers can no longer say ‘concentrate’ without the ingredients backing it up.”

Jonas Cruz, head of sales and marketing, Rubbermaid Commercial Products ANZ

“Sustainability. Albeit a trend which has surfaced over the past few years, the trend has accelerated in 2019. Ensuring we as individuals, households and corporations leave less of an environmental footprint is an ever-increasing topic in our world.”

Bronte Hough, managing director, Salute 

“A trend I expect to see is more companies looking to partner with credible local suppliers, particularly in South Australia. There will also be more demand for products with a strong sustainable and/or social message and background.”

Rob Graham, General Manager, Tork Professional Hygiene 

“We see a major opportunity heading into 2020 with an acceleration of new technology adoption in the cleaning industry. To date there has been a slow transition of old traditional manual methods to new digital solutions. There is also a growing expectation from customers of transparency on the environmental impact from ‘cradle to grave’. Tork is working with our customers and suppliers on improving sustainability outcomes throughout the entire supply chain.”

Stuart Nicol, distributor sales manager, White Magic

“The market is pushing more and more to recyclable product and putting priorities on items like our degradable and biodegradable compostable bin liners and garbage bags. We also see ergonomic design in cleaning tools will play a greater role in trying to reduce workplace injuries and diminish the impact that has on staffing issues.”

Dr Greg Whiteley, executive chairman, Whiteley Corporation 

“Our expectation is further market changes. There will be increased use of robotics and AI in many parts of the industry. The price pressures will continue to put focus onto the management of human resources, so we expect that moral leadership in the customer sector will continue to be fraught. We also expect legislative changes into the arena, given the persistence on morally questionable staffing practices, which result in further statutory changes affecting tax and benefits evasion.”

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